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A Star is Torn is the 39th episode of Action League Now!. It first premiered on the Kablam! episode, The New Class on November 15, 1998.

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The episode begins with a little boy, who has climbed all the way to a tree branch. The boy falls, but Thundergirl sees him and catches him. However, she doesn't look where she's going and runs into a clothesline. The clothesline launches her back near the bottom of the tree, where the Little Boy's Mother is waiting. The Mayor, who is disguised in sunglasses, a mustache, a goatee, and a blue hat, cheers at Thundergirl's performance. Stinky then asks The Mayor who he is. The Mayor tells him his name is Louis D. Mayor, and he's a film director. He is planning to make a movie called Deadly Thunder and he wants Thundergirl to be in it. Thundergirl accepts and starts acting like a movie star. The Mayor assures Thundergirl that she'll have anything she wants, and more.

At a set of train tracks, The Mayor is setting up cameras to film Thundergirl. The Flesh acts as Thundergirl's agent and talks on the phone (holding it upside down), while Thundergirl asks Stinky and Meltman how her hair looks, as it has to be perfect when she's being filmed. Stinky and Meltman tell her her hair looks good. Just then, The Mayor appears and says that with Thundergirl out of the way, he can easily defeat the Action League. Thundergirl appears and says she's ready for her scene, and The Mayor tells her that she will stand in front of the train and say her lines. After Meltman hits the clapboard, Thundergirl steps on the tracks, and tries to stop the incoming train, but it pushes her into the floor, causing her to lose her left arm. The Mayor is sure he's rid of Thundergirl, but Thundergirl rises up and asks him how the first take went. The Mayor tells Thundergirl that her acting is so alive, and tells her to get ready for her next scene. Thundergirl goes to her trailer and asks where her hair stylist is. The Mayor says that his plan needs a rewrite.

Later, as The Mayor is getting ready to film another scene, Thundergirl asks him how her hair is. He tells her it's shiny and full, perfect for the next scene, where she'll fly headfirst into a big fan, where a little girl is tied-up. Thundergirl asks The Mayor if she has to fly into the fan, and The Mayor asks her if it's going to be a problem. Thundergirl says it will be a problem, as she's not sure what her motivation is. The Mayor tells her that the little girl is getting "windburns", and she must stop the fan at any cost. Thundergirl is ready for the next scene, and The Mayor says, "Action!". Thundergirl then flies into the fan, which tears her to pieces, much to The Mayor's delight. Thundergirl falls to the floor, having lost her second arm, and asks The Mayor how that take went. The Mayor tells her that she's supposed to be dead, then saying she should be changing for her next scene. Thundergirl rises up and tells him as long as she has great hair, she doesn't need a wardrobe. The Mayor wants to make sure the next scene blows the audience, and more importantly, Thundergirl, away. The Flesh is sure that Thundergirl will win an Oscar for her performance in the movie. Meltman then asks The Flesh and Stinky if Thundergirl is getting hurt. Stinky tells him that Thundergirl is acting, and she's a star for doing so.

Later, Thundergirl is in her trailer, getting ready for the next scene, that The Mayor is planning to film. Thundergirl asks Stinky and The Flesh which side is her best, and they tell her that they're both so great. Meltman then tells Thundergirl that he doesn't think the next part is right for her. Thundergirl asks Meltman what he knows about movies, and Meltman tells her that he's read over the script, which shows Thundergirl getting injured in various ways. Thundergirl closes the script book with her foot and tells Meltman she'll call him if she needs a rewrite. The Flesh and Stinky tell her that her performance was great and she's always in character.

Moments later, at the kitchen, The Mayor demonstrates his next scene to the Action League by having a safe smash a potato with a wig. He then tells Thundergirl to stand under the safe, as the next scene will make her a flat-out smash. The Narrator then asks the viewers if the next scene will smash Thundergirl permanently, and then tells them to stay tuned for part 2.

In the second act, Meltman wonders who would try to kill Thundergirl. After checking over the script, he notices the picture of Louis D. Mayor looks vaguely familiar. He then pulls off the picture, revealing a picture of The Mayor, above the words, A MAYOR PRODUCTION, and that The Mayor was behind this sinister plot the whole time.

Meanwhile, The Mayor stands under the safe, telling Thundergirl he wants her to stand there. Meltman arrives and tries to tell Thundergirl about The Mayor, but she calls security on him. Meltman tells Thundergirl she'll thank him for saving her later, then says, "Action!". The Little Girl lets go of the rope, dropping the safe onto The Mayor. Thundergirl is appalled at Meltman, telling him he crushed the director. As the safe is lifted up, Meltman pulls off The Mayor's disguise, revealing The Mayor was behind the evil plan all along. Thundergirl apologizes to Meltman, as he's the real hero of the movie. The Flesh and Stinky tell Meltman they want him to be in the movies, and Meltman is overjoyed. As he screams triumphantly, he accidentally knocks the Action League into a spotlight, knocking it over and having land on Thundergirl. Meltman nervously says, "Uh, that's a wrap." as the episode ends.


  • Narrator: "Dateline; Backyard National Park, where an innocent youngster defies his Mother, and gravity.
  • Thundergirl: "I'm ready, L.D.!"
The Mayor: "Good. When I call 'Action!', you'll step in front of the train and die... uh... ...rectly say your line!"
  • The Mayor (after Thundergirl flies into the fan): "Cut! Lots of them!"
  • The Flesh: "I think I smell Oscar!"
Stinky Diver: "Uh, that might be me!"

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