And Justice For None is the 50th and final episode of Action League Now!. It first premiered on the Action League Now!: The Series episode, Smash Hits on January 20, 2000.

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The episode begins at the hall of Action Heroes, where the Action League appears before the judges. The judges tell the League that they have called them there for a very serious reason; they have reviewed their record of utter stupidity, and have decided to terminate the Action League.

The Action League beg the judges not to terminate them, and so, the Judges decide to give each member a chance to appeal their decision. The Judges tell Meltman to testify first, asking him if he can cite any examples of his personal heroism that might persuade them to reconsider. Meltman thinks for a few seconds, then comes up with an answer. He tells them about the time Stinky threw away his badge, and he caught it before someone lost an eye. He then tells them about the time the aliens landed, and he made the perfect landing space for their ship so its bottom wouldn't be badly scratched. He then tells them about the time he got run over by an ice cream truck. Before he can continue, The Chief and Stinky muffle him. When Meltman is unmuffled, he tells the judges he has a million more examples.

The Judges, who have heard quite enough, deny Meltman's appeal. They then tell Thundergirl to testify next. Thundergirl tells them that they may come short when it comes to personal achievements, but as a team, they're great heroes. She tells the judges about the time that they were on a routine patrol, when they saw Johnny Cool hung high above boiling hot creamed corn. She stops midway through the story, and the judges tell her to tell them what happened next. Sure enough, what happened next was Johnny falling into the creamed corn because Meltman chickened out and failed to help her save him. However, Meltman argues with her over whether or not it was his fault. The Judges silence them and deny her appeal.

The Judges tell Stinky to testify next. Stinky tells them to go ahead and break them up, but not to come crying to him when evil rears its ugly head. He then tells them about the time Roboflesh attacked them, concluding by saying they need heroes like him who aren't afraid to pull the trigger. The Flesh, Thundergirl, and Meltman cheer for Stinky and are sure his testimony will save them from being terminated. The Judges then asks Stinky if he's ever considered a non-violent approach, and a montage is shown of Stinky shooting at people with his spear gun. Obviously, Stinky hasn't considered a non-violent approach, and the Judges deny his appeal.

The Judges tell the League that they have one chance left to change their minds before they decide to terminate them. The Chief asks the League who hasn't gone yet. The Flesh says he hasn't gone yet, and The Chief, knowing he won't be able to save them, tells the viewers he'll see them at the reunion show. The Narrator asks the viewers if The Flesh will be able to save the League from being terminated, then tells them to stay tuned for part 2.

In the second act, the Judges tell The Flesh that only he can save the Action League, and if he fails, they shall terminate it. They ask him if he understands, and The Flesh tells them he does. As the Flesh begins his testimony, the rest of the League cheers for him. The Flesh tells the Judges about his fourth grade field trip to the farm, and how he got to milk the cow. Stinky slaps his head in disappointment, and The Chief tells him he's supposed to tell the Judges about the Action League. The Flesh, following the Chief's advice, continues his story, and a montage is shown of him endangering people. After finishing his story, The Flesh asks the Judges if the League has won. The Judges tell them the Action League is terminated, as they have denied his appeal. With the League terminated, Stinky decides he won't need his spear gun anymore. He tosses it onto the ground, and it shoots at a pillar, which knocks over several other pillars, eventually crushing the Judges. The Chief jokes about the ruling being struck down, and he and the League laugh as the episode ends.


  • Judge: You have one last chance to save the Action League.
The Chief: Okay, you clowns, we still got a shot. Let's make it good! Who hasn't gone yet?
The Flesh: Eenie, meenie, miney, me!
The Chief (to the viewers): Oh, well. See you at the reunion show!
Narrator: "Can a disrobed ding-dong derail The League's demise? Find out in the Action-canned conclusion of Action League Now!."
  • Narrator: "Action League; in deep, High Commissioners; Big creeps, Re-using scenes from old episodes; real cheap."


  • This episode is the final episode of Action League Now!, and marks the final appearances of the Action League and The Chief.
  • This episode actually first aired in the KaBlam! episode KaFun!, however the prementioned episode only aired once making it long lost until its appearance in the series.
  • Clips from the following episodes are shown:
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