Bill the Lab Guy
Bill The Lab Guy

Portrayed by

Jim Krenn



First Appearance

Nightmare on Memory Lane

Last Appearance

In the Whine of Fire

Character DescriptionEdit

Bill the Lab Guy is a blonde pointy-haired scientist who wears glasses. He often messes up his experiments and predicaments; Hodge Podge once referred to him as a "med school reject." During every appearance, he is guaranteed to be heard saying, "There's nothing I can do," "I was afraid of this!", or "in layman's terms," or "I don't see any connection." Bill has a monotone voice and takes himself very seriously as a scientist, even though his experiments almost always go awry. He has a teenage daughter named Quarky who helps him around the lab. He also appears to have a love for oldies music and is a personal friend of the late musician, Lou Rawls. He was the doctor who "fudged" Hodge Podge's operation, turning him into the mutated cyborg he is today.


  • Like The Chief and The Mayor, Bill was pieced together from various Playskool Dollhouse people figures.
  • His name is a reference to Bill Nye the Science Guy.


  • There's nothing I can do.
  • Oh no, I was afraid of this!
  • I don't see any connection.


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