Caged Thunder
Caged Thunder is the ninth episode of the second season of Action League Now!, and the 23rd episode overall. It first premiered on the KaBlam! episode, I Just Don't Get It on May 5th, 1997.

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The episode begins at the backyard, where Thundergirl is on a top secret mission. She is holding a camera, preparing to take pictures of the launch site, but she makes the unfortunate mistake of singing her infamous theme song while doing so. A group of soldiers target her and shoot her directly out of the sky with a missile. When Thundergirl lands, those soldiers are revealed to be working for none other than His Dishonor, The Mayor. He figures that with her out of the way, he can proceed with his evil plan.

At Action League Headquarters, The Flesh and Meltman are playing Checkers, and Stinky is watching. The Chief comes in and orders them to rescue Thundergirl. Meltman refuses, because it's taco night, and The Flesh is excited at the thought of tacos. The Chief tells them that their mission to rescue Thundergirl is not optional. He then tells them that in order to stay in contact with him, he will give them a high-tech two-way receiver, and reveals the phone to them. The Flesh, Stinky, and Meltman all find the phone shiny, and The Chief tells them that since the phone is very expensive, they will need to take good care of it. The Flesh, Stinky, and Meltman promise they will, and just as they are about to continue their game of checkers, The Chief orders them to move out immediately.

Meanwhile, in The Mayor's mansion, Thundergirl is imprisoned in a hamster's cage. Thundergirl doesn't want to stay in her prison, having witnessed the Hamster eat her young. The Mayor then convinces Thundergirl to join him, and together, they will rule the world as king and queen. Thundergirl refuses, but not for any heroic reason. She wants to get back to Headquarters in time for taco night. The Mayor tells her that tacos will only give her gas.

Above the Mayor's mansion, The Flesh, Stinky, and Meltman ride a plane floating above and prepare to dive. Meltman then asks The Flesh and Stinky if they're supposed to wear parachutes, and Stinky tells him that The Chief told him he couldn't afford any. The phone, which is safely floating down on a parachute, follows behind them. The Flesh, Stinky, and Meltman all land on the roof and slide down it, then down the gutters. The phone then lands safely next to them. Stinky then says he's starting to hate the phone as it rings. The Flesh answers the phone, and The Chief is on the other end. The Chief called to ask him if his phone is okay. The Flesh then tells The Chief he's going to have to call them back. As the phone call ends, he, Stinky, and Meltman are surrounded by The Mayor's Soldiers. The Flesh then asks the Soldiers if they know where Thundergirl is.

Moments later, The Flesh, Stinky, and Meltman are all imprisoned with Thundergirl. The Mayor then reveals his evil plan to them; to annihilate the Nation's Capital! Thundergirl tries to convince The Mayor to stop, but Meltman assures her that The Mayor is bluffing, and that he wouldn't dare. The Mayor decides to take that dare, and presses a button, launching a missile into the air. Thundergirl blames Meltman for daring The Mayor to proceed with his evil plan. The Narrator then asks the viewers if no one can stop The Mayor's evil plan, or if the Nation's Capital will be destroyed, then tells them to stay tuned for Part 2.

In the second act, as time runs out, the Action League thinks about a plan to save their Nation's capital. Thundergirl wonders what their Nation's capital is, and Meltman guesses "Sacremento". The Flesh is running on the Hamster's wheel, and is enjoying it. As he runs on it, it goes faster and faster, until it spins him out of control. With 30 seconds left to impact, The Mayor is sure his evil plan will succeed, but the Flesh rolls the Hamster wheel off of its spokes and through the bars, leaving a hole big enough for the rest of The League to escape. He then lands on top of The Mayor, knocking him away from the control panel. As Thundergirl, Stinky, Meltman, and the Hamster escape, Stinky tells the rest of the League that the only way to save the Nation's Capital is to reroute the missile, and the only way to do that is to enter new coordinates. The phone rings, and The Flesh answers it. The Chief is on the other end, and asks why The Flesh hung up on him earlier. The Flesh then asks The Chief his coordinates, and The Chief tells him "30 Degrees Longitude, 82 Degrees Latitude". The Flesh tells the rest of the League the coordinates and thanks The Chief, and Stinky enters the coordinates just in time, rerouting the missile away from the Nation's capital. Back at Action League Headquarters, The Chief wonders what a strange noise is. Sure enough, that strange noise is the missile, which blows Action League Headquarters to pieces. The Flesh suddenly worries that The Chief got cut off when their connection drops. Action League Headquarters is now smoldering and in pieces, but thankfully, The Chief, although charred, has survived. He says, "Ouchies", as the episode ends.


  • Thundergirl (singing): "Thundergirl, taking some pictures, spying on missiles, with the wind in her hair!"
  • The Mayor: "Let's dispense with the niceties, Thundergirl! Join me, and together, we'll rule the world as king and queen!"
Thundergirl: "Nah, I gotta get back. It's taco night!"
The Mayor: "Pretty little fool, they'll give you gas!"
  • Narrator: "Can no one stop this mad man and his missiles? Will our nation's capital become Squashington, D.C.? Stay tuned for the Action-smithereened conclusion of Action League Now!"
  • Narrator: "A spy mission, failed. A rescue mission, failed. Failure, failure everywhere. As time runs out, the Action League puts their heads together to save our nation's capital."
Thundergirl: "By the way, what is our nation's capital?"
Meltman: "Sacremento?"


  • This episode (as well as the Kablam! episode it aired on, I Just Don't Get It) was pulled from syndication after the 9/11 terrorist attacks due to its content matter and terrorist behavior. Though some local stations still air this episode but edited to have The Mayor plotting to blow up a county seat instead of the U.S. Capital.

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