Chickie Chickie Bang Bang

Chickie Chickie Bang Bang is the 44th episode of Action League Now!. It first premiered on the Kablam! episode, In It to Win It on December 4, 1999.

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The episode begins at Kiddie Pool Harbor, where the Action League investigates a smuggling. Stinky points his spear gun at the Smuggler and The Chief tells him to swing the goods over to them. The Smuggler does so, and uses it to knock the Action League over. He then tells The Mayor that the coast is clear. The Mayor congratulates him and tells him he'd like to investigate his treasure. He unravels the blanket, revealing two Easter Chicks in a cage. With them as breeding stock, he will corner the Easter Chick market quickly, and be richer than Bill Cosby.

At Action Headquarters, the League is about to eat their lunch; a hoagie. Just then, Bill the Lab Guy appears and tells the League that he found out what the Mayor was smuggling; a rare species of Easter Chick. The League ignores Bill and tells him that they're too busy eating their hoagie. Bill then tells them that this species of Easter Chick multiplies at an alarming rate, and has been known to eat anything. The Flesh asks if that's bad.

Meanwhile, at The Mayoral Mansion, The Mayor has built a corral for his Easter Chicks. With the many Easter Chicks he's able to sell, he'll be able to pay off his student loan. Just then, The Smuggler appears and tells him that the Chicks have eaten all ten bags of birdseed. The Mayor tells them he's sure that the birdseed will be able to hold them for a while. He then tells him to help him with his Easter Chick web site. As soon as they leave, the Chicks break through the fence.

Back at Action Headquarters, Bill continues to warn the League about the Chicks, telling them if they don't stop soon, they'll have an ecological disaster on their hands. The League continues to ignore him and tell him they'd rather eat their hoagie. As soon as they turn around, the Chicks have already eaten their hoagie, and won't stop there! Bill witnesses the event and tells the League the Chicks are breeding out of control. Thundergirl says that the Chicks are headed for the World Food Reserve. The Chief then asks Bill why he didn't warn them (even though he repeatedly did), and he, Bill, and the League set out to stop them.

Moments later at the kitchen, Chicks are everywhere, eating food from every place that stores it. The League arrives too late to stop them, which Bill notes he was also afraid of. With the world's food reserve gone, who knows what they'll eat next. The Mayor then appears and asks the League if he can sell them some of his Chicks. The Chicks then start attacking and eating The Mayor. The League cheers when the Chicks eat The Mayor, but jeer when the Chicks are about to eat them. The Narrator asks the viewers if the Action League will be eaten by the Chicks, then tells them to stay tuned for Part 2.

In the second act, Bill tells the League to back up slowly, and not make any sudden moves or loud sounds. The Flesh backs up and accidentally steps on Meltman's foot. Meltman screams loudly, and the Chicks suddenly stop. The Chief tells Meltman to be quiet, and the Chicks start again. Bill tells Meltman to scream again. Meltman tells Bill he can't, but Thundergirl tells him he can, and kicks the back of his leg, causing him to scream again. Bill says that Meltman's scream is remarkably similar to the Chick's mating call. He suddenly has an idea.

The Chief tells the League to keep hitting Meltman, so that his scream will lead the Chicks to the harbor. The Flesh, Thundergirl, and Stinky take turns hitting Meltman, until they lead the Chicks all the way to the harbor.

Moments later, the Chicks are sent away on a raft. The Chief thanks Meltman for helping them lead them to the harbor with his scream. Bill then tells the League that now the Chicks can go back to their natural habitat. Thundergirl tells the League that aside from them trying to eat them, the Chicks were kind of cute. The Flesh then reveals that he kept one of the Chicks. Unfortunately, that Chick multiplies at an alarming rate, and it scares the rest of the Action League and Bill into the water as the episode ends.


  • Narrator: "Dateline, Kiddie Pool Harbor, where an international smuggling ring has been blown out of the water by our Action blowhards."
  • Narrator: "With a sleezy smuggling ring on the loose, the Action League starts asking tough questions."
  • The Flesh, Thundergirl, Stinky, Meltman, Bill, and the Chief (After the chicks attack The Mayor): "Yay! The Mayor's toast!" (The chicks start attacking them) "Boo! So are we!"
  • Narrator: "What's this? Is The Action League about to become Action Feed? Find out in the Action Pecked conclusion of Action League Now!"


  • This episode's title is a reference to the 1968 film, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

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