Danger Society
Danger Society is the first episode of the second season of Action League Now!, and the fifteenth episode overall. It first premiered on the KaBlam! episode, Art + Science = Fun on December 30, 1996.



The episode begins at a company picnic hosted by the Action League. The Chief is about to eat a hot dog when The Flesh, Thundergirl, Stinky, and Meltman are about to start a three-legged race. As The Flesh takes the first step, he accidentally kicks Stinky into the air, causing him to land in The Chief's hot dog bun, lodging the wiener into The Chief's throat. When The Chief begins choking, Stinky thinks he wants to play charades. The Flesh, Thundergirl, and Meltman decide to join in. When The Chief tells them he's choking, Stinky tells the rest of the League that The Chief isn't playing games after all. The Flesh tries to help by smacking him on the back, but all it does is launch The Chief into a table. Just then, a helicopter appears and a team of experienced heroes climb down on ropes. The Leader gives The Chief the Heimlich maneuver and The Chief coughs his weiner out at Thundergirl. The member then tells The Chief to chew more carefully next time and he and his team prepare to leave. Stinky asks who they are, and the member tells them that they are the Danger Society, the town's newest superheroes.

With the Danger Society handling superhero duties, The Flesh, Thundergirl, Stinky, and Meltman decide to take some time off by playing pool. Thundergirl asks the rest of the League why the Action Phone hasn't been ringing much lately, and Meltman tells her it's probably because they've done a good job making the world a safe place. The Flesh hits the cue ball, which accidentally knocks Meltman over and hits an approaching car. Sure enough, the Danger Society shows up to help the injured driver. The Chief shows up and tells the League that he just got a call from his boss, saying that they've been laid off because the Danger Society is taking over. At first, the League is excited not to have to work anymore, but The Chief tells them that no work means no more free lunch at the Action Commissary. The League, caring more about free lunch than work, decides to do something about the Danger Society.

Moments later at the Danger Society crisis center, Stinky tells the Danger Society that their fun's over, as they're shutting them down. He pounds the Danger Society's control panel with his spear gun, causing it to fire a spear into the air. The Leader asks Stinky what his problem is, and Meltman tells them that the Action League are the superheroes in this territory, and that they should take a hike. Just then, Stinky's spear lands on his head. The Leader asks Stinky if he's sure they're real superheroes, and Thundergirl tries to prove it to them by flying into the air. However, her head gets cut off by the Danger Society's helicopter blades. Thundergirl's head lands on the Danger Society's control panel as an alarm goes off. One of the members tells the leader that some school kids are in danger. The Danger Society is about to leave, but The Flesh is blocking the Leader's way. The Leader tells The Flesh that he has no time to argue, as lives are at stake. Meltman has an idea; they both go, and whoever can save the most people will officially become the town's new superheroes, and the losers leave town for good. At first, the Leader tells the League they can't gamble with human lives, then the Action League call them chickens. The Leader agrees to this bet, as long as they both hurry. The Narrator asks the viewers of this is the League's last hurrah, or if we're stuck with them forever, then tells them to stay tuned for Part 2.

In the second act, The School Bus can be seen teetering above a TV antenna. Both the Action League and the Danger Society arrive, but the Action League cowers out. Thundergirl tries to convince the Danger Society to join them for Sloppy Joe Day at the Commissary, but the Danger Society immediately leap into action to save the school kids. Meltman wonders if they should have mentioned the new salad bar.

Moments later, the losers, unfortunately, happen to be the Action League, who are now sitting on the curb, waiting for the next bus. Now that Stinky's no longer a member of the Action League, he worries that he's going to have to pump septic tanks with his Dad for a job. Meltman then says that his power to melt is a joke. Thundergirl tells him to stop whining, as he's giving her a migraine, but he tells her that thunder doesn't fly. After rescuing the school kids, the Danger Society lands their helicopter in front of the League, asking them what made them think they could be superheroes in the first place. As they mock the League, they didn't count on the fact that the landed in the path of an oncoming bus. The bus runs over the helicopter and smashes it to pieces. Stinky tells the flattened Danger Society that they're super lucky. With the Danger Society flattened, by technicality, the League is back in business. Stinky asks the rest of the League who's up for free lunch, and they all cheer in approval as the episode ends.


  • Stinky mentions in this episode that his Dad pumps septic tanks as a job. This is later confirmed to be true in the episode, Turkey of Terror.

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