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Danger For A Dignitary is the 26th episode of Action League Now!. It first premiered on the Kablam! episode, Won't Crack or Peel on September 5, 1997.

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The episode begins with the Action League getting ready to welcome an ambassador to a vital summit as his airplane pulls into the driveway. The Chief tells the Action League to be on their best behavior, as the world is on the brink of war, and the ambassador is needed to sign the World Peace Treaty, or they could be looking at World War III. Meltman assures The Chief that everything will be fine as protecting ambassadors is their middle name with the Flesh revealing that his middle name is actually "Murray." As the ambassador exits his plane, The Chief salutes him as it is indeed a great honor, and he salutes back. The Flesh tells the ambassador he salutes everybody, and accidentally knocks Stinky Diver, causing him to shoot his spear gun. Unfortunately, the ambassador's foot is accidentally caught in the rope, and the ambassador is flown into the road, where he is then run over by a car.

At Bill the Lab Guy's Secret laboratory, The Flesh asks The Chief if the ambassador's country can send another ambassador. The Chief reminds the Flesh what he did to the last three ambassadors they've sent; the first ambassador was accidentally knocked into the toilet and flushed down, the second ambassador was accidentally thrown into a car engine, and the third ambassador was accidentally thrown into a blender. As a result of the Flesh's stupidity, the ambassador's country is now all out of ambassadors. The Chief tells Bill that he has to save this one. Bill tells The Chief that the only thing he can do is surgery, which will take some time. Unfortunately, time is the one thing The League doesn't have, as the treaty signing starts in one hour. Suddenly, Stinky has an idea. He holds the ambassador's head up to The Flesh's, and Meltman notes that The Flesh and the ambassador are nearly identical. The Chief has a new plan to save the world.

One hour later at the World Peace Summit, The Flesh, dressed in the ambassador's clothes, is revealed to be The League's key to world peace. The Flesh wants to take off the ambassador's clothes, so his naked body can be free, but Stinky and Meltman tell him that even though they know it's killing him, he must keep the clothes on so no one will suspect he isn't the real Ambassador. A man greets the Flesh as the ambassador, and the Flesh greets back, accidentally ripping his arm off.

Back at Bill's laboratory, Thundergirl and Bill continue to put the ambassador back together. Bill asks Thundergirl for more glue, then hears a steady beep, and starts to panic, worrying he's lost the ambassador. As it turns out, that steady beep was from the microwave, which has made popcorn for them to eat.

Back at the Summit, the Flesh is itching from the ambassador's clothes, and the people begin to suspect the ambassador's behavior. A lady then calls the ambassador over to make his speech before he signs the treaty. As the Flesh makes his speech, he takes off the ambassador's clothes, frightening everyone. The Narrator then asks the viewers if the Flesh has doomed the world, and if Bill the Lab Guy can fix the real ambassador in time, then tells the viewers to stay tuned for Part 2.

In the second act, the previously shocked people suddenly think that The Flesh standing naked before them is a spirit of peace, laying bare the true meaning of diplomacy. One person even takes off his clothes as he cheers for the ambassador. The Flesh signs the treaty and Meltman and Stinky are proud of him, as it's not every day you get to save the world naked. After they leave, the naked person picks up the treaty and finds out from The Flesh's signature, that The Flesh isn't the real ambassador, and that they've been tricked, leading one of the dignitaries to declare, "This means war!" Another dignitary (the man with the ripped-off arm) orders missiles launched. The naked person then asks someone to hand him his pants as they prepare to destroy the real ambassador's country.

Later that day, with the ambassador's country destroyed, the Action League leads the oblivious real ambassador, who is now in a wheelchair, to his plane. The ambassador thanks the League for doing everything they could to ensure world peace, and hopes if they will visit his country someday. Stinky wonders if they should tell the ambassador that his country had been destroyed, but then The Flesh accidentally trips, causing the ambassador's wheelchair to roll into the road, where it gets run over by a car. The Chief tells them it can wait as the episode ends.


  • The Chief: "Now remember, the Ambassador has to sign that treaty, or we may be looking at World War III. He must be protected at all costs!"
  • The Flesh: "I'm taking these clothes off! My naked body yerns to be free!"
Meltman: "Don't worry, Chief. 'Protecting Ambassadors' is our middle name!"
The Flesh: "Not mine. It's 'Murray'".
  • Lady: "And now, before we sign, I call upon the Ambassador to lay out the Principles of this Historic agreement."
The Flesh: "Uh, I was told there'd be no math."
  • The Flesh: "Ladies, and people, it is with great pleasure that I... take off these stupid clothes! Hooray for me!"
  • Announcer: (recap of the first part of the episode) "An ambassador, impaired, immobilized, impersonated! With doom impending, an action imbecile creates an international imbroglio! ...or does he?"
  • The Flesh: "And so I sign this treaty, with bareness and nudity for all!"
  • Dignitary 1 (after looking at the treaty, gets shocked and enraged): ""Ambassador The Flesh?!" He's an impostor. We've been duped!" (Everyone gasps in horror.)
Dignitary 2: "This means war!"
Dignitary 3 (holding his right arm, which the Flesh ripped off by accident earlier): "Launch missiles!"
Dignitary 1: "Hand me my pants."


  • In this episode, The Flesh's middle name is revealed to be "Murray".

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