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Dog Day Afterschool is the 12th episode of Action League Now!. It first premiered on the KaBlam! episode, What the Astronauts Drink on December 16, 1996.

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The episode begins at a launch site, where a Rocket is being prepared to be launched into space. As various townspeople watch the rocket's preparation, The Action League is looking for Justice, The Chief's dog. Meltman is on a slide, and looking through some binoculars. He tells The Chief that Justice is in the rocket. The Chief is shocked when he hears this, and demands that the rocket's launch be aborted.

There are still five minutes left before the rocket is launched. Why is Justice in the rocket, you may ask? Just ask His Dishonor, The Mayor, who is putting chlorine in his hot tub. He explains that he put Justice in the rocket so he wouldn't urinate in his hot tub. Meanwhile, The Chief demands that someone save Justice before the rocket launches. Meltman volunteers to save Justice, and slides down the slide, landing on The Flesh. The Chief tells The Flesh and Meltman to stop fooling around if they want to help him save Justice. Thundergirl tells The Chief that she's the only one who can get to Justice in time. As she flies away, Meltman calls her a show-off and wishes he could fly. The Flesh then tosses him towards the rocket. As Thundergirl continues Flying towards the rocket, Meltman flies past her and lands on the rocket. Thundergirl tells Meltman to leave the flying to her, and to get off the rocket, as it will take off in four minutes. The Mayor, who sees Thundergirl and Meltman trying to save Justice, sets the egg timer from 4 to 0, causing the Rocket to take off. As Justice and Meltman ride the rocket, Thundergirl and The Chief are shocked. The Narrator then asks the viewers if Meltman will be able to steer the rocket and save Justice, then tells them to stay tuned for Part 2.

In the second act, Thundergirl flies and chases after the rocket.

Meanwhile, The Mayor is enjoying his hot tub, and invites two ladies to come in and join him. The ladies tell him they can't, because they're not wearing their bathing suits. The Mayor, who is still wearing his normal attire, tells them he isn't, either.

Thundergirl catches up to the rocket, and tells Meltman he has to get control of the rocket's guidance system. Meltman agrees, but first, tries to show off by letting go of the rocket. Both Thundergirl and Justice are in shock when he falls. Stinky, The Flesh, and The Chief all witness Meltman falling and run for cover.

The Mayor continues to enjoy his hot tub, when he suddenly hears a falling sound. He looks up and sees Meltman fall into his hot tub. Thundergirl catches up to Stinky, The Flesh, and The Chief, telling them that she tried to catch Meltman. The Chief isn't worried about him, but is worried about Justice. He asks her where he is, and she tells him she forgot to rescue him. Suddenly, Stinky and The Flesh see the rocket as it falls from the sky and lands in the hot tub. The Chief, who is worried that Justice is still inside the rocket, assumes the worst. Stinky and The Flesh try to comfort him by telling him that Justice was quite a canine. Suddenly, The League hears a barking sound and they look up. They see Justice safely descend via a parachute. They cheer for Justice and pet him when he lands. Meltman pulls the Mayor out of the hot tub, and tells him his evil plan has failed. The Mayor then sees Justice and tells the Action League to keep him away from his hot tub. Justice then lifts his hind leg and urinates in the Mayor's hot tub, much to The Mayor's ire. The Flesh then jokes about Justice having a lot of thrust, and the rest of the League laughs as the episode ends.


  • The Chief: "Will you two stop that tomfoolery? My blasted dog is sitting on 10,000 pounds of thrust!"
The Flesh: "Gollers, that's a lot of wee-wee."
  • The Mayor: "Come on in, ladies, the water's fine."
Lady: "But Mayor, we don't have our swimsuits on!"
The Mayor (revealing he is still wearing his normal attire): "Heh heh! Neither do I."
  • The Mayor (singing): "Bubbles, pure, fresh, tinkle-free bubbles..." (Meltman is about to fall into his hot tub) "Uh-oh, here's trouble."
  • Meltman: "The jig's up, bottom-feeder! You know, I always wanted to say that."


  • This episode's title is a parody of the 1975 film, Dog Day Afternoon.
  • The music at the beginning is recycled from Britain's ITV News at Ten; a composition entitled The Awakening, composed by Johnny Pearson, has opened the program in various forms from its' debut in 1967; the version heard in this episode was a recomposed version used from 1992 to 1999.


  • When Meltman says, "Well, I guess if man were meant to fly, he wouldn't fall like a sack of batteries.", you can see a hand holding him.

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