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Flesh and Blood is the 16th episode of Action League Now!. It first premiered on the Kablam! episode, Better Than a Poke in the Eye on March 17, 1997.

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The episode begins with The Flesh being interviewed on Lola. Lola asks The Flesh if he's ever met his parents. The Flesh tells her he hasn't, then tears up. Lola then tells The Flesh she has a wonderful surprise for him. The Flesh asks her if it's a burrito, and Lola tells him it's better than that; it's his parents! The Flesh is happy to see his parents after so many years, and tries to give them a hug, but accidentally punches them when he runs into them. Lola then asks the Flesh and his parents what they're going to do now that they're reunited. The Flesh's father says he has big plans.

Meanwhile, at Action Headquarters, the Narrator says the Action League is happy that The Flesh is reunited with his parents. The Action League, who is watching Lola on TV, is really jealous that The Flesh gets to be on TV and they don't.

Meanwhile, the Flesh's parents are driving a car (with him in a car seat), and the Flesh asks them if he was always this buff. The Flesh's Father doesn't answer the question and stops his car at Megabuck Mansion, which he claims is their house. The Flesh's Dad then says he forgot his keys and asks The Flesh to break a window for him. The Flesh is happy to oblige, as he'd do anything for his parents. He then tosses a brick, but it misses the window and bounces off the wall, landing on his parents.

When The Flesh and his parents finally get inside Megabuck Mansion, The Flesh's Dad tells him he needs to load all of his valuables into his car. The Flesh is happy to help, and his dad says that his plan is going easier than he expected. The Flesh carries a bust, then accidentally trips and hits his parents with the bust.

Back at Action HQ, The Action League watches a news report, where it is revealed that The Flesh and two criminals impersonating his parents, have been caught on videotape robbing Megabuck Mansion. The Action League, completely oblivious, is still jealous that The Flesh gets to be on TV and they don't. The Chief then tells The League that The Flesh is in trouble, and could get arrested if he continues to work for the two criminals impersonating his parents. They have to find him and convince him to stop.

Back at Megabuck Mansion, the Flesh has helped the two criminals load everything into their car. Just as they are about to leave, the Action League shows up, and The Chief tells everyone to freeze. The Flesh, eager to introduce the Action League to his parents and their house, asks if they'd like to see his room. Thundergirl tells The Flesh that it's not his house and they're not his real parents. The Flesh asks Thundergirl if they're not, and the two criminals try to convince The Flesh that they are his real parents. Both the Action League and the two criminals try to get the Flesh on their side. The Flesh is confused, as he doesn't know who is right and who is wrong. The Narrator then tells the viewers to stay tuned for Part 2.

In the second act, The Flesh chooses to stay with his parents. Stinky tells him he chose wrong, and prepares to shoot his spear gun at the two criminals. The Flesh, eager to save his parents, knocks Stinky out of the way, causing him to shoot the ceiling fan, which lands on the two criminals. The Flesh then asks the two criminals if they're okay. The two criminals confess to him that they're not his real parents and would rather go to jail than have him for a son.

Later that day, as The Chief takes the two criminals to jail, The Flesh sadly wonders if he ever will meet his real parents. As they drive away in the Action Mobile, The Flesh's real parents (who are naked, just like him), are driving a car and wondering if they'll ever see their son again. They then inadvertently run over the Action Mobile with their car and the League screams in pain as the episode ends.


  • Lola: "Flesh, you've got it all; you're super strong and super hot, yet there's something missing."
The Flesh: "That's right, Lola; my clothes!"
  • Meltman: "How come he gets to be on TV?"
Thundergirl: "It's just because he's naked."
Stinky Diver: "You should see me naked! I'm glorious!"
  • The Flesh: "This is our house? Boy, we must be rich, rich, rich!"
The Flesh's Fake Mom: "Not yet, but we will be. I mean, yeah, yeah, we sure are rich!"
  • Narrator: "Is Action Blood thicker than Action Water? And what does that even mean, anyway? Find out in the Action-spawned conclusion of Action League Now!"
  • The Flesh's Real Dad: "I Wonder if we'll ever see our son again."
The Flesh's Real Mom: "Oh, I'm sure we'll run across him someday."
(Their car runs over the Action Mobile)
Meltman: "Ow!"
The Flesh: "Ouchies!"
Thundergirl: "Ow-how!"
Stinky Diver: "My spine!"
Meltman: "Medic!"
Narrator: "The end."


  • The Flesh sings, "We Are Family", a 1979 dance hit song by Sister Sledge, while carrying a bust.

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