Hey Who Stole My Face

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Hey! Who Stole My Face! is the 31st episode of Action League Now!. It first premiered on the Kablam! episode, Timeless on September 20, 1998.

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The episode begins with The Mayor at the Kitchen, preparing an extremely hot salsa (so hot it burns the spoon). As he goes into his cabinet of deadly hot spices, he finds The Chief there, telling him he's under arrest for illegal manufacturing of chemical weapons. The Mayor isn't afraid of The Chief, and thinks he won't be enough to stop him. Fortunately, The Chief has the Action League on his side. Unfortunately, they accidentally knock both The Chief and The Mayor into a blender and turn it on.

Later that day, Bill the Lab guy is left to put the pieces of The Mayor and The Chief back together. While he does it, The Action League decides to pass the time by playing Go Fish. When he finishes, Bill tells the League that the operation was a complete success. He then reveals that while he did successfully put The Chief and The Mayor back together, he accidentally switched their faces. Thus, The Action League think The Mayor with The Chief's face is The Chief and vice-versa. The Mayor looks at his reflection in Bill's mirror and takes advantage of him wearing The Chief's face. He then tricks a police officer into taking The Chief with The Mayor's face to jail. The Chief with The Mayor's face tries to tell the Action League that he's the Chief and that Bill switched their faces, but The League doesn't believe him. Suddenly, Thundergirl notices Justice growling at The Mayor with The Chief's face and asks him what's wrong. The Mayor with The Chief's face assures Thundergirl that Justice loves him, and as he tries to pet him, he bites him. The truth is, even with their faces switched, Justice is still able to tell The Chief and The Mayor apart. After Justice walks away, Stinky asks The Mayor with The Chief's face if he's all right, as he's looking paler than usual. The Mayor with The Chief's face tells him that he's pale with rage at The Mayor. He then leads the League into following him to the kitchen, where his evil laboratory is.

Meanwhile, The Chief with The Mayor's face is taken to jail, and tells the Police Officer that he's The Chief, and he's responsible for locking the criminals in his cell up, and he shouldn't be in there. The Criminals then notice The Chief with The Mayor's face, and start beating him up.

Back at the Kitchen, Meltman starts to suspect that something's wrong with The Chief. When The Mayor with the Chief's face arrives, Meltman guesses that The Chief got a new suit. The Mayor with The Chief's face tells him that in addition to a new suit, he also got a new rolling pin, which he uses to knock The League into a trash can.

Moments later, The League is revealed to be tied up and their rope is tied to a winch, which is just above the super-hot salsa. The League ask The Mayor with the Chief's face if he's gone mad, and The Mayor reveals that he's not The Chief, he's The Mayor with The Chief's face! He then turns on the winch, which slowly lowers the league. The Narrator asks the viewers if The Mayor will succeed in his evil plan, then tells them to stay tuned for Part 2.

In the second act, the criminals continue to beat up The Chief with the Mayor's face. Justice arrives with the keys to the cell, to set him free so he can help him rescue the Action League. The Chief with the Mayor's face is happy to see him, as he's had enough of those criminals.

Just as the League is about to be lowered into the salsa, The Chief with The Mayor's face arrives and knocks The Mayor with The Chief's face into the blender, which Justice turns on.

Moments later, the Action League is saved and they thank The Chief with The Mayor's face for saving them. The Chief with the Mayor's face doesn't want to be thanked; all he wants is his original face back. Stinky brings The Chief with The Mayor's face The Mayor's head, with The Chief's face still on it. The Chief with The Mayor's face is relieved, as he was worried he would be stuck with The Mayor's face forever. The Flesh, who is happy to have The Chief back, slaps him on the back, causing him to accidentally toss The Mayor's head with The Chief's face into the salsa, which unfortunately melts it as the episode ends.


  • Narrator: "After a blender blunder, a skilled scientist conducts a risky medical procedure."
Bill the Lab Guy (Holding the Chief's arm): "Eenie-meenie-miney-moe, Is this The Mayor's? Yes or No?"
  • (Justice growls at the Mayor with The Chief's face)
Thundergirl: "What's wrong with Justice?"
The Mayor: "Nothing, as long as it doesn't interfere with an evil plan!"
Thundergirl: "I was talking about your dog."
The Mayor: "Oh. My doggy loves me. Don't you?" (Justice bites The Mayor) "Ow! Scrappy little hound."
  • The Chief:"I'm The Chief! That lab idiot switched our faces"
  • Narrator: "Hot town, summer in the city. Does the Action League deserve our pity? Find out in the Action-seared conclusion of Action League Now!"
  • Narrator: "Faces; exchanged, The Mayor: deranged, The League's funeral; arranged!"

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