Hit of Horror is the 38th episode of Action League Now!. It first premiered on the Kablam! episode, You May Already Be A... Kablammer! on November 1, 1998.

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The episode begins with some children playing basketball while listening to some music on the radio. Meltman passes by, trying to remember The Chief's donut order. He hopes he doesn't mess it up again. The Children see Meltman and say hello to him. Meltman says hello back,glad he has some fans. Suddenly, different music plays on the radio, which hypnotizes the children into beating Meltman up. Hodgepodge, who has converted himself into a radio station, reveals that he is behind the evil plan to hypnotize people into beating up the Action League with his new song.

When Meltman returns in a cast and a wheelchair, The Chief is angry at him for not bringing back the donuts. Thundergirl tells him that she, The Flesh, and Stinky will get the donuts for him. Meltman warns the League not to go outside, as it is dangerous. Stinky doesn't believe him and tells The Chief that he, The Flesh, and Thundergirl will be back soon.

Moments later, The Flesh, Thundergirl, and Stinky pass by Mr. Farmer and his family, who are listening to some music on their radio. Mr. Farmer says hello to them, and The Flesh says hello back. Stinky and Thundergirl say that the people love them, and that Meltman was being a wimp. Suddenly, the same song that hypnotized the children to beat up Meltman earlier plays again, and hypnotizes Mr. Farmer and his family into beating up the Action League.

When The Flesh, Thundergirl, and Stinky return to Action HQ, Meltman tries to tell them he was right, but The Chief silences him and tells him that no one will leave Action HQ until they find out what's going on. Just then, Hodgepodge tells the Action League on the radio that it is safe for them to leave, and that K-Podge radio is sponsoring a big Action League appreciation rally. The Action League is excited to be in the rally.

As the Action League leave for the rally, The Chief goes to Bill's laboratory, to find out why the Action League has been beaten up lately. Bill plays Hodgepodge's song forwards, and surprisingly, it has no effect on them. Bill then plays the song in reverse, revealing Hodgepodge's subliminal message; "Crush the Action Jerks! They wrecked my life and now you're gonna wreck theirs!". The Chief and Bill find out that Hodgepodge has been brainwashing people to destroy the League. Bill is about to tell The Chief the bad news, but The Chief already guesses that there's nothing Bill can do. Bill tells The Chief he is correct, then he has an idea; there is somebody he can call.

At the Action League appreciation rally, many townspeople have gathered around, telling the League how much they love them. Stinky is glad to be appreciated, but then, Hodgepodge appears and plays his song. The song hypnotizes the townspeople into beating up the League. They throw tomatoes at them, and even knock over the table they're standing on. The League runs, but it's no use; they're surrounded by the hypnotized townspeople. As the League tries to climb up the table, Hodgepodge is satisfied that his evil plan is going exactly as he hoped. The League finds out that he was behind the evil plan. The Narrator asks the viewers if Hodgepodge's song will successfully destroy the League, then tells them to stay tuned for Part 2.

In the second act, Bill calls an old friend of his. Hodgepodge asks the Action League how they like his new song. The League is backed into a corner, about to be beaten up by the townspeople, but The Chief and Bill appear in a van, telling Hodgepodge is evil plan has failed. They use the van to knock him into a loudspeaker. Bill then tells the townspeople to put their hands together for his close personal friend; Lou Rawls! Lou then sings a song telling the townspeople to love the League. This hypnotizes the people into loving the League instead of beating them up. In fact, it works a bit too well, as some of the townspeople steal the League's body parts! Lou continues singing as the episode ends.

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