Incicdent at Chlorine Lake is the 22nd episode of Action League Now!. It first premiered on the Kablam! episode, Hurts So Good on April 28, 1997.

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The episode begins at Chlorine Lake, where His Dishonor, The Mayor has opened up a new summer luxury resort. Even the Action League have shown up to enjoy it. The Mayor is selling hot dogs, one of which The Flesh wants to buy. When The Mayor sells him the hot dog, he tells them they're $50.00 each. As The Flesh eats his hot dog, a mysterious predator attacks one of the swimmers. The swimmer calls for help, and Meltman thinks he is one of their fans, who is waving to them. The swimmer gets eaten, and the predator spits up body parts of the townspeople. One of which is the hand of the swimmer, which lands in The Flesh's hot dog. Stinky then warns the rest of the townspeople to evacuate the pool, which they do, just as a trophy bass jumps out of it.

At Bill the Lab Guy's laboratory, Meltman jokes about the swimmer's severed hand, and the rest of the League laughs. Upon closer inspection, Bill discovers that the killer is a trophy bass, a species thought to be extinct. He has been wanting to study one for years. Stinky tells him that he can study it after they kill it, and maybe serve it up with chips and vinegar for dinner. He and the rest of the League leave to return to Chlorine Lake and save the rest of the townspeople from the trophy bass, but Bill decides to go with them, however, to save and study the trophy bass.

Moments later, the League closes the lake, but The Mayor, wanting to make more money, protests by saying that the water's completely safe. Just then, the trophy bass spits up more of the townspeople's body parts.

In the lake, Bill and his daughter, Quarky are in a boat, with a crane and a viewing cage. What looks like Bill looking through a telescope is seen, but it is later revealed to be a kaleidoscope. Quarky asks Bill if they should be looking for the trophy bass, and Bill tells her to prepare the viewing cage.

Meanwhile, The Mayor tries to prove to the townspeople that the lake is safe by swimming in it himself. However, the trophy bass eats The Mayor and spits out his pieces.

Back at the boat, Quarky lowers Bill's cage into the water and Bill begins studying the trophy bass. The trophy bass repeatedly rams Bill's cage, which Quarky lifts out of the water, to find it damaged and empty, implying Bill has been eaten by the trophy bass. The Narrator asks the viewers if the League will be able to save Bill, and if they have ever seen the show before, then tells them to stay tuned for Part 2.

In the second act, the Action League climb aboard a speedboat and charge through some swimming townspeople while looking for Bill the Lab Guy. Stinky dives in and tells the rest of the League to take the wheel. The league drives the speedboat off a ramp, launching them into the air. Outside the pool, The Mayor (who is still in pieces) is at a stand, selling bass repellent for $10.00 each. Suddenly, he looks up and sees the League's speedboat, which lands on top of him.

Back at the lake, Stinky is relieved to find Bill still alive, having escaped from the trophy bass. He tells him to move aside so he can kill it, but Bill protests, telling him the trophy bass isn't evil, he's just hungry. The trophy bass, however, approaches Bill and eats him. Stinky fires his spear gun at the trophy bass, and it pulls him across the lake, eventually jumping out of it and into the road, where a truck runs over it, killing it and freeing Bill. Bill grieves over the loss of the trophy bass and asks Stinky, "When will the killing stop?". Stinky tells Bill that man was born to dominate the Earth and crush his adversaries in the wild. After he finishes his speech, he gets run over by a car as the episode ends.


  • Announcer: "We find our heroes in a somber mood, pondering a terrible tragedy."
Meltman: "Hey, Bill, don't bother reading his lifeline!"
(Meltman and the rest of the League laugh)
  • Announcer: "With Bill the Lab Guy in over his pointy head, can the Action League save him from becoming Action Chum? Have you ever seen this show before?! Stay tuned for the action-soaked conclusion of Action League Now!"
  • Announcer: "Fish; hungry, Mayor; maimed, Lab Guy; lunch! With time running out, the Action League makes the kind of rescue they're famous for..."
The Flesh, Thundergirl, Stinky, and Meltman (riding a speedboat as they charge through the swimming townspeople): "Whee!"
(The swimming townspeople scream)
Announcer: "...a really stupid one."


  • The Trophy Bass in this episode was inspired by the 1975 Spielberg film, Jaws.


  • Thundergirl doesn't have any lines of her own in this episode.

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