This is a comprehensive list of the episodes of Action League Now as aired on Kablam. This includes the shorts made for All That as well as those produced for the ALN spinoff show.

All ThatEdit

I've Been Workin' On Derailroad - The Mayor wreaks havoc with model trains.

Stinky On Ice - Stinky Diver gets stuck in a bowl of Jell-O.

Season 1 (1996)Edit

Nightmare on Memory Lane - Meltman loses his memory after a crushing accident.

Thunder and Lightning - A new Action League inductee steals Thundergirl's thunder

The Wrath of Spotzilla - Meltman's loud clog-dancing awakens a Mesozoic monster.

Sinkhole of Doom - The Action League tries to save The Mayor's son from a garbage disposal.

No Fly Zone - Thundergirl loses her power to fly.

Roboflesh - The Flesh is switched out with a robotic lookalike.

Stink or Swim - Stinky Diver becomes afraid of toilets.

Where Pigeons Dare - The Action League is sent to protect a nest full of eggs.

Testimony of Terror - A young child, rescued from The Mayor, becomes a complete nuisance to the League.

Dog Day Afterschool - The Action League must save their dog Justice from being launched into space aboard a rocket.

Road to Ruin - The Mayor covers the town in trash.

In The Belly Of The Beast - The Mayor goes on the offensive with a giant vaccuum cleaner.

Season 2 (1997-1998)Edit

Danger Society - A new superhero team puts the Action League out of business.

Flesh And Blood - The Flesh meets his parents, or so he thinks.

Turkey of Terror - The Mayor invites the League to a Thanksgiving dinner.

Science Fiction Parody - Aliens land on Earth, and it's up to the League to show them around.

The Quarky Syndrome - Bill the Lab Guy's daughter, Quarky, becomes a superhero of her own.

Meltman At Large - Meltman turns into a giant.

Revenge of Hodge Podge - Hodge Podge is back with a taste for revenge.

Incident at Chlorine Lake - A local swimming pool is being terrorized by a large trophy bass.

Caged Thunder - Thundergirl is captured on a secret mission as The Mayor plots to blow up the capitol.

Rock-A-Big Baby - Big Baby is awakened by a Kiss concert.

Voice of Treason - Hodge Podge uses a voice box to lure the League into his trap.

Danger for a Dignitary - A foreign ambassador is swapped out for a lookalike, The Flesh

Big Baby - Big Baby goes on a rampage King Kong-style.

Season 3 (1998-1999)Edit

Flippers of Fury - An old enemy challenges Stinky Diver to a rematch.

Rags to Riches - A mummy is on the loose after his precious opal was stolen by The Mayor.

Fatter - After a gypsy puts a spell on The Chief, he just can't stop eating.

Hey! Who Stole My Face? - A blender accident causes The Mayor and The Chief to switch faces.

Mad Dogs and Englishmen - A depressed Stinky Diver makes friends with a stray dog.

Melty Dearest - Meltman finds himself the maternal figure for a deadly spider.

Melty's Girl - Meltman gets a girlfriend and turns into his own superhero.

Tears of a Clone - An accident involving Bill the Lab Guy's cloning machine literally leaves the Action League beside themselves.

Art of Thunder - The Mayor steals a priceless painting.

Roughing the Passer - The Mayor, not allowed into the NFL, seeks his revenge.

Hit of Horror - Hodge Podge is back with a song that makes its listeners attack the Action League.

A Star Is Torn - The Mayor disguises himself as a film director and tries to kill off Thundergirl.

Season 4 (1999-2000)Edit

Yurplastic Park - Bill the Lab Guy's island of plastic dinosaurs is under siege.

Winds of Evil - Armed with a giant fan, The Mayor plots to literally blow the Action League away.

Chickie Chickie Bang Bang - The Mayor unleashes a swarm of wind-up Easter chicks that eat everything in sight.

The Naked and the Dumb - The Flesh must pass a test to stay in the Action League.

What's Eating the Flesh - A body-eating virus takes its toll on the Action League.

Tune Up of Terror - Hodge Podge sabotages the Action Mobile.

Armageddon Outta Here - The League must stop a giant meteor from hitting Earth.

A Flesh of Brilliance - A brainy Flesh must face off against a brainier adversary.

Grief For The Chief - The Chief is in a coma after an accident, and the League tells their favorite stories about him.

Action League Now: The SeriesEdit

In the Whine of Fire - Meltman is assigned to be a bodyguard for pop sensation Blandi.

And Justice for None - The Action League recounts their experiences on trial in order to stay in business.

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