Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Mad Dogs and Englishmen is the fifth episode of the third season of Action League Now!, and the 32nd episode overall. It first aired on the KaBlam! episode, Year Round Fun on September 27, 1998.

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The episode begins at Action League Headquarters, where the Action League have successfully captured The Mayor and are preparing to imprison him in a cooler, literally. The Chief is pleased, as he has been waiting a long time to put his dishonor, The Mayor away. As a reward for a job well done, he decides to treat the League to a dinner of chips and salsa, courtesy of the taxpayers. The Flesh and Thundergirl are excited upon hearing this, but Stinky tells them to count him out, also calling them Morons. He then leaves, telling them he has stuff to do. Thundergirl asks The Chief if Stinky hates them. The Chief tells her that he has every reason to; they're a bunch of morons, but there's more to Stinky's mood than just that. He tells them that he will tell them the story of Stinky's past after he gets back from the bathroom.

When The Chief returns, he tells the League not to go in the bathroom for a while. He then begins to tell them the story of Stinky's past. During the Gulf War, Stinky was on a secret mission, sneaking up in the sink. But the enemy had somehow been tipped off, and turned on the garbage disposal, flushing him down. When Stinky was recovered later on, he then discovered who ratted him out: his own mother! Something died in Stinky that day. The Flesh wonders if that was the reason why Stinky smells so bad.

Meanwhile, outside, Stinky is near some garbage cans, reminiscing about his past, and blaming his mother for ratting him out. Suddenly, he hears a strange sound and turns around. A dog appears from behind the garbage can and begins licking him. Stinky notes that the dog is smelly, just like him, so he decides to name the dog, "Smelly". Stinky decides to be friends with the dog.

That day, Stinky and Smelly spend all their time together. They drink from the toilet, then they play fetch together. Stinky throws a stick, and Smelly brings back Bill the Lab Guy. They then play fetch in the bathroom together, then they decide to go for a walk. Of course, since Smelly is much bigger than Stinky, his leash drags him across the road. Stinky lets go and gets run over by a motorcycle, and Smelly licks his pieces. Despite being in pieces, Stinky loves Smelly.

The next day, The Chief orders Stinky to get rid of Smelly, but Stinky tells him he's his best friend. The Chief reminds Stinky that Smelly is using The Flesh as a chew toy and Thundergirl and Meltman have gone missing. It is later revealed that Smelly buried them. Stinky tells The Mayor that Smelly is a good dog, and he just has to get to know him. Smelly appears and starts chewing on The Chief. Stinky thinks that Smelly just wants to play, but suddenly, Smelly drops The Chief and runs off. Stinky asks Smelly where he's going, and Smelly goes to the cooler. He opens it and sets The Mayor free. The Mayor then reveals that Smelly is his dog, and his real name is "Bad Dog". He then orders Bad Dog to attack Stinky. Stinky is distraught, as he thought he and Bad Dog were friends. The Narrator asks the viewers what kind of monster would release such a monster, and The Mayor tells them he's good at his job. The Narrator then tells the viewers to stay tuned for Part 2.

In the second act, just as it looks like Bad Dog is about to bite Stinky to death, Stinky's Mother appears and tells The Mayor, who is holding onto Bad Dog's leash that nobody double-crosses her son but her. Stinky is surprised to see his Mom, who fires her spear gun at The Mayor, launching him off the cooler and onto Bad Dog's butt, causing Bad Dog to run out of the house and into the street, dragging The Mayor along. The Mayor loses his arm and gets left behind, causing a car to run over him. Stinky, covered in slobber, returns to the house and thanks his Mom for saving his life. He then asks her why she ratted him out back in the Gulf War. She tells him he did it for the money, and apologizes to him for losing his dog. Stinky tells her it's okay, as he found someone he loves even more than him: her! They hug each other as the episode ends.


  • This episode marks the second appearance of Stinky's Mom, the first being Turkey of Terror.

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