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Nightmare on Memory Lane is the third episode of Action League Now!. It first premiered on the KaBlam! episode, All Purpose KaBlam! on October 7, 1996.

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The episode begins late one night at The Mayor's office. Thundergirl and Meltman sneak in and try to find out what His Dishonor, The Mayor's next evil plan is. Meltman climbs up a rope and turns on the light, then picks up a piece of paper. Thundergirl congratulates Meltman, then tells him to get ready to leave. Meltman takes pictures of the piece of paper, sure that The Chief will kiss him when he sees them. He then decides he should be in one of the pictures. Thundergirl asks Meltman what he's doing, then Meltman asks her if she would like a picture of him for his wallet. When Meltman takes a picture of himself, the camera's flash blinds him, making him stumble backwards and knock over the receiver of a phone. He pulls the receiver down, making the phone land on top of him.

At Bill the Lab Guy's Laboratory, The Flesh, Thundergirl, Stinky, The Chief, Justice, and Bill gather around an unconscious Meltman. Thundergirl asks if there's anything they can do, and The Flesh asks her what specifically. Thundergirl suggests playing charades, because she's bored to tears. Meltman suddenly awakens, asking where he is and who he is. Stinky starts to suspect that Meltman has lost his memory. The Chief tells the League he also forgot to remove the lens cap when taking the pictures of the Mayor's next evil plan, thus making those pictures worthless. Thundergirl tells the Chief that Meltman said it was the formula he was looking for, and that he would kiss him for it. The Chief tells the League that if that formula is what he thinks it is, they have to find a way to get Meltman's memory back. He asks Bill for an analysis just as Meltman points out the Flesh's nudity. Bill tells The Chief that Meltman has amnesia and there's nothing he can do. He then comes up with an idea that's still in the experimental stages. The Chief tells Bill that it's a chance they'll just have to take.

With a top secret formula at stake, Bill plugs electrodes into Meltman's head and The Flesh hangs above him and smashes him with a hammer. Unfortunately, this has no effect. Then, as Bill spins an injured Meltman on a table, The Flesh drops a bowling ball on him. This has no effect, either. Then, they go outside and have Meltman stand on a bullseye, with a giant safe hanging above him. The Flesh lets go of the safe and it falls on Meltman and flattens him. He then pulls the safe off and Stinky asks Meltman who he is and what the formula is. Meltman tells him he doesn't know and asks if they can play another game. Stinky tells The Flesh, Bill, and Thundergirl that their plans aren't working. The Flesh lets go of the safe and it flattens Meltman. The Narrator asks the viewers if Meltman will regain his memory, and if the secret formula will ever resurface, then tells them to stay tuned for Part 2.

In the second act, the League has one final plan to help Meltman get his memory back. The Flesh holds a hypnobeam in front of Meltman and Bill tells him he will fall asleep, and when he snaps his fingers, he will be whoever he tells him to be. Bill snaps his fingers and Justice barks and growls. Justice's noises cause Meltman to think he's a dog. Bill was afraid this plan would fail. Thundergirl tells Bill not to worry because Meltman is cured now, but The Chief tells her that now Meltman thinks he is a dog. The Flesh calls Meltman and he runs over to him like a dog. The Chief tells The Flesh to bring Meltman back, as everything depends on the formula. Meltman runs outside, barking, and into the road. The Flesh, Thundergirl, and Stinky all call him to come back, but a car runs over him.

A saddened Thundergirl brings Meltman's pieces back to Bill's lab. Meltman awakens with his memory back, and thinks he's in heaven and all the angels look like Thundergirl. The Flesh is happy to have Meltman back, but Thundergirl says she liked him better as a dog. The Chief asks Meltman if he can remember what the formula he photographed is. After all, the future of the planet depends on it. The Flesh, Thundergirl, and Stinky tell him to think, and Meltman suddenly remembers. The formula is; two sticks butter, three cups flour, two cups chocolate chips. Stinky finds out that the formula is The Mayor's recipe for chocolate chip cookies. The Chief tells Stinky he's been after that formula for years. He then tells Meltman he could kiss him for it, and The Flesh decides to kiss Meltman as well. As he tries to, he knocks The Chief over, causing him to stumble backwards and hit a shelf, where a box of nails falls on him. The Flesh lifts up the box and asks The Chief if he's okay. The Chief has lost his memory now, as he asks The Flesh who he's calling The Chief and tells him he's naked. The Flesh lets go of the box as the episode ends.


  • This episode is the first to air on KaBlam! in rerun order. Road to Ruin is the first episode to air on KaBlam! in release order.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Bill the Lab Guy.

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