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No Fly Zone is the seventh episode of Action League Now!. It first premiered on the Kablam! episode, It's Flavorific! on November 4, 1996.

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The episode begins with Thundergirl in the kitchen, doing a routine patrol by flying around. Meanwhile, His Dishonor, The Mayor, is lurking nearby. He jumps onto a turkey baster filled with glue, which squirts Thundergirl, causing her to fall into a jar. The Mayor needs Thundergirl out of the way so he can succeed in his evil plan, where two kids are revealed to be tied up.

Later that day, The Flesh sets Thundergirl free by smashing the jar with a hammer. The Chief asks Thundergirl what went wrong, and Thundergirl tells him she was squirted with an evil liquid and crashed. Stinky thinks that the reason why it happened is because Thundergirl was singing her stupid song again. Meltman then asks what fiend would squirt Thundergirl with an evil liquid. Just then, a brick is tossed through the window and lands on him. The Flesh figures the same guy who squirted Thundergirl must be the same one who threw the brick. Attached to the brick is a ransom note. The Chief reads over it, revealing that it is from The Mayor, who tells the Action League that he is holding the two kids he captured earlier for a 2.3 Jillion dollar ransom at his Eagle Landing estate, and unless his demands are met, the two kids will suffer a nasty fate. The Chief tells the League that they have to rescue the two kids. Thundergirl assures The Chief that she can handle it, but when she tries to fly, she unfortunately falls onto the floor. As the rest of the League witnesses her fall, she tells them she's lost her ability to fly. The Chief is not happy, as The Mayor knows without Thundergirl's super flying power, the two kids are doomed.

At The Mayor's Eagle Landing estate, which is revealed to be a birdhouse on a pole, The Mayor is satisfied that his evil plan is going exactly as he expected. Without Thundergirl, no one can stop him, or so he thinks. The two kids have taped a "Kick Me" sign to the back of The Mayor, and they start kicking him, angering him. Below, the League has tied balloons to Thundergirl so she can fly up. At first, this plan seems to work, and Thundergirl even sings in celebration. However, she flies right past The Mayor, who is about to tie up the two kids, but is distracted, as he witnesses what's going on. The girl then takes The Mayor's right arm, further angering him. Thundergirl wants to get down, so Stinky fires his spear gun at the balloons, causing them to pop and Thundergirl to fall back to the ground crashing. Thundergirl wants to give up, as she can't fly, certainly not in time to rescue the children. Just then, the Mayor's right arm lands on her. She and the rest of the Action League look up and hear The Mayor, about to attack the two children with a razor. The Narrator asks the viewers if The Mayor will succeed in his evil plan, or if Thundergirl will save the two children in time, then tells them to stay tuned for Part 2.

In the second act, The Action League prepare to launch Thundergirl into the birdhouse via a slingshot. Thundergirl isn't sure they can save the children in time, but Stinky, who was previously sick of her song, encourages her by singing it himself. He lets go of the slingshot and Thundergirl is launched right at the birdhouse, knocking it over. The Flesh, Stinky and Meltman rush over to the birdhouse to make sure the two children are okay. To their relief, they are, and it looks like The Mayor is the one who needs to be rescued; The boy is shaving his head and the girl is hitting him with his left arm. After laughing at The Mayor's misfortune, Meltman wonders where Thundergirl is. Thundergirl tells them she's flying above them, and Stinky is happy Thundergirl got her power back. Meltman cheers for Thundergirl, as she flies, singing her song. Unfortunately, she doesn't look where she's going and flies into a power line, which shocks her and causes her to fall to the ground. She wearily finishes her song as the episode ends.


  • The Chief (reading over The Mayor's ransom note): "Dear Action Morons, I've got the kids, and unless you deliver 2.3 Jillion dollars to my Eagle Landing Estate by 3:00, they'll suffer a nasty end. Diabolically yours, The Mayor. Blast it!"
Stinky Diver: "Don't look at me, I didn't vote for him."
  • The Mayor: "No, you monsters, cut it out!"
Stinky Diver: "Looks like we're just in time..." (The two kids are attacking The Mayor) " save The Mayor!"
  • Thundergirl: "Thundergirl, flying like thunder, while others must wonder..." (She flies into a power line)
The Flesh: "Ouchies!"
Thundergirl (wearily): "...what it's like to be me."
Narrator: "The end."

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