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Roboflesh is the eighth episode of Action League Now!. It first premiered on the Kablam! episode, Kablam! Gets Results on November 11, 1996.

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The episode begins with The Flesh working out, lifting a Tuna Can weight 100 times, and looking at his reflection in a toaster. Suddenly, he smells something delicious; a devilled egg in a lunch box. The Flesh climbs into the lunchbox, unaware that it's a trap by His Dishonor, The Mayor, who locks up the lunchbox and reveals his evil plan; to replace the real flesh with a robotic duplicate, Roboflesh!

Meanwhile, the rest of the Action League is at a parade, honoring themselves as the greatest superheroes in the world. Stinky is upset that he's missing his favorite show, Baywatch, in favor of a parade that no one seems to be attending. Meltman tells Stinky they might be early. The Chief then asks where The Flesh is, as the Action League isn't complete without him. The Mayor, who is watching from a distance, assures the league that The Flesh is coming, and uses a remote control to pilot Roboflesh, who is getting ready to throw a cinder block at the League.

Back at the Kitchen, the real Flesh engineers a cunning escape. He pilots the lunchbox using his eerily accurate internal radar. He bounces the lunchbox across the kitchen, outside the house, and into the road, where a car runs over the lunchbox and squashes it. The Flesh is now able to break free and thanks the car driver for setting him free. He then gets run over by another car.

Back at the parade, Meltman sees Roboflesh holding a cinder block, and mistakes him for the real Flesh. He tells him to climb aboard the float, and Roboflesh tosses the Cinder Block at the float. Thundergirl thinks the Flesh is mad about his year-end bonus, and The Chief tells The Flesh he's suspended. The Mayor then uses his remote to pilot Roboflesh towards Stinky Diver, who is rather impressed with his stunt. Roboflesh then tosses Stinky and laughs. The real Flesh then shows up to battle Roboflesh and save the League. The league is unable to tell the Real Flesh apart from Roboflesh (despite Roboflesh having bolts sticking out of his body and speaking in a robot voice), and both the real Flesh and Roboflesh claim to be the real Flesh. The Narrator then asks the viewers who the real flesh is, and tells them to stay tuned for part 2 to find out.

In the second act, the Narrator asks the viewers who the real Flesh is, and tells them that only the Action League knows for sure. Stinky then says he has no clue. To find out who the real Flesh is, The Chief then asks both the Real Flesh and Roboflesh what the Action League password is. They both guess "Devilled Egg", which isn't the password. The Mayor, who is sick of all the talk, operates his remote, making Roboflesh punch the real Flesh. The real Flesh and Roboflesh battle each other in different environments, including a barbecue, a cactus, and a swimming pool. When the real Flesh and Roboflesh battle at a blender, the real Flesh loses his strength, much to the Mayor's delight. Thundergirl wishes there were some way to tell the real Flesh apart from Roboflesh, and suddenly, Stinky has an idea. He says, "Hey, stupid!", and the real Flesh responds. Stinky, now able to tell the real Flesh apart from Roboflesh, fires his spear gun at Roboflesh, knocking him into the blender, which cuts him into many pieces.

Later that day, as the parade continues, The Flesh asks Stinky how he was able to tell him apart from Roboflesh. Stinky tells The Flesh he knew that no machine could be as bone-headed as him. The Flesh thanks Stinky, then accdientally knocks him into the road, where he gets run over by a car. The Flesh says, "Ouchies!" as the episode ends.


  • Narrator: "Who is the real Flesh? The big stupid naked guy, or the big stupid naked guy with bolts sticking out of his body? Find out in the double-good, double-Fleshed, double-action packed conclusion of Action League Now!"
  • Narrator: "When last we left our heroes, The Flesh was in double trouble. Which one of these naked neanderthals is the real thing? Only the Action League knows for sure."
Stinky Diver: "I haven't got a clue!"
  • The Chief: "Only the real Flesh will know this. Flesh, what's the Action League Password?"
The Flesh: "Devilled Egg?"
Roboflesh: "Devilled Egg."
Meltman: "Gee, they're so alike, it's uncanny!"
The Chief: "Yeah, and neither one of them knows the blasted password!"
  • Roboflesh: "How about a Hertz Donut?"
The Flesh: "Yes, please." (Roboflesh punches The Flesh) "Ouchies!"
Roboflesh: "Hurts, don't it?"


  • This episode's title and main plot point are a parody of the RoboCop films.


  • The clip of The Flesh knocking Stinky into the road and the car running over Stinky from this episode was used in the Kablam! episode, Your Real Best Friend, when Henry teaches both June and the viewers about Action League Now's "Chuckimation".

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