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Science Fiction Parody is the 18th episode of Action League Now!. It first premiered on the Kablam! episode, E Pluribus Kablam! on March 31, 1997.

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The episode begins in the Milky Way Galaxy, where a spaceship is seen flying towards Earth. As the spaceship lands, Meltman tries to lead the spaceship to the perfect landing spot, only to have it land on top of him. Stinky doesn't trust the Aliens, but The Chief tells the Action League that he expects them all on their best behavior, as the future of intergalactic peace is in their hands. Several Aliens exit the spaceship, including Zantax, their leader, who tells them they come in peace. Stinky thinks that Zantax is going for his laser, and fires his spear gun against The Chief's wishes at Zantak, killing him.

After the untimely death of Zantak, The Chief asks Stinky if there's anything he'd like to say to the Aliens about the situation. Stinky apologizes to the aliens, who tell him they have forgiven them and erased Zantak's untimely death from their memories, as their visit to Earth is an important historic event to them. To prove that they can be friendly to the Aliens, the Action League decide to give them a tour of their house, showing them the wonders of Earth Civilization.

At the Kitchen, Thundergirl shows one of the Aliens a juicer. The Alien is curious to know how it works. Thundergirl tells him to push the carrot in, and it will come out juice. While the Alien pushes in the carrot, Thundergirl pushes the switch that turns the juicer on. Unfortunately, the Alien is inside the juicer and accidentally gets juiced into the juicer along with the carrot, and poured into a cup. (Of course, Thundergirl refuses to drink the juice that comes out).

At the Bathroom, Stinky is showing another Alien, who is carrying a camera, the toilet. He explains that a lot of Earth Business is done in there. The Alien is impressed, and wants Stinky to take a picture of him. Stinky holds the camera and tells him to step back a little further. The Alien does so, but accidentally falls into the toilet and gets flushed down. Stinky is not happy with the situation, and he knows The Chief won't be either, when he finds out.

Outside, The Flesh is on a lawn chair, showing another Alien the wonders of tanning. Unfortunately, the Alien he's with gets a really bad sunburn.

Meanwhile, Meltman asks the Alien still on the ship if he can move it so he can get his legs back. The Chief returns to the spaceship and apologizes to another Alien, who has a really bad electrical burn about a light socket, telling him he should have warned him about the electrical system. The burnt Alien refuses to forgive him and tells the rest of the Aliens that the Earthlings are not their friends and that the Earth is their enemy. He decides they must destroy the Earth, and the surviving Aliens get back in their spaceship to prepare for the Earth's destruction. The Flesh, Thundergirl, and Stinky meet up with The Chief, to find out that the Aliens have commenced the Earth's destruction sequence, by pointing their laser at it. As the countdown begins, The Narrator asks the viewers if the Aliens will successfully destroy the Earth, or if the Action League will stop them, then tells them to stay tuned for Part 2.

In the second act, the Aliens continue to count down. Stinky tells The Chief he was right about the aliens being evil, and Meltman tells the rest of the League to shield him from the killer ray. The Flesh, having heard the words, "Killer Ray" from Meltman, decides to give himself a tan with his tanning mirror. The Aliens fire their laser, which deflects off of The Flesh's mirror, and onto their ship, destroying it. The Action League cheer as they have won the battle against the Aliens, and decide to go out for lunch. The Chief thanks The Flesh for saving the world with his tanning mirror. He then apologizes to Stinky, as he was right about the Aliens being evil. Stinky tells him that it was no problem. After all, they showed the Aliens what happens to them when they mess with Earth. Unfortunately, that Alien spaceship wasn't alone; many other Alien spaceships, whose inhabitants have found out about what happened, fire their lasers at Earth, destroying it as the episode ends.

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  • Narrator: "An alien delegation, squeezed, sewered, sauteed! As the League runs out of diplomatic solutions, time runs out for the entire planet!"

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