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Sinkhole of Doom is the first and pilot episode of Action League Now! It first premiered in 1995.

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The episode begins with Pierce and Johnny at the kitchen. When Pierce climbs down into the garbage disposal, he can't see anything, because it's too dark. Johnny looks for a light switch, and finds what looks like one, but when he flips it, it turns on the garbage disposal, which starts attacking Pierce.

At Action Headquarters, Meltman tries to talk Thundergirl into going to a concert with him, but to no avail. Meltman tells Thundergirl he knows why she doesn't like him; he's melted. Thundergirl denies it, though. The Chief tells the Action League that a spelunker is trapped, but this isn't just any spelunker; this spelunker just so happens to be Pierce, the son of The Mayor. Upon hearing this, Thundergirl rushes off to rescue him, but accidentally gets her hair caught in a ceiling fan. The League then holds up score cards for how many points they gave Thundergirl for doing so. Thundergirl, who is not amused, wants someone to get her down. The Chief tells Meltman and The Flesh to go to the Kitchen and Stinky to get Thundergirl down.

Meanwhile, Pierce is still trapped in the garbage disposal, and Johnny, wondering what's taking the Action League so long, decides to find them himself.

With Thundergirl still trapped in the ceiling fan, Stinky decides to use his spear gun to cut Thundergirl's hair. Thundergirl doesn't think this is a good idea, but Stinky tells her she needed a haircut anyway. When Stinky fires his spear gun, instead of cutting off Thundergirl's hair as planned, it gets caught on another blade. The other end of its rope is caught on Stinky's leg, and the ceiling fan begins spinning him around.

Meanwhile, Meltman and The Flesh are on the roof of the house, getting ready to jump aboard a car about to leave the garage. The jump on the car, and hold onto the windshield wipers. Meltman tells The Flesh that the car is taking them right where they need to go. The car's windshield wipers then toss Meltman and The Flesh into the road. When Meltman tries to point the way to the kitchen, he and the Flesh get run over by another car.

Back at Action Headquarters, Johnny is looking for the Action League. Stinky Diver, sick from being spun by the ceiling fan, throws up on Johnny, which Johnny finds disgusting. Thundergirl then tells Johnny that there isn't much time, and that he must turn the knob. Johnny does so, but the fan now goes faster, tossing a sick-to-his-stomach Stinky to land in the fish bowl, and Thundergirl's hair to rip off. Thundergirl, who is now free from the ceiling fan, rushes off to the kitchen to rescue Pierce, who at this point, is very badly damaged from the garbage disposal.

Meanwhile, Meltman and The Flesh are on a mailbox, trying to hitch a ride to the kitchen. The Flesh, who is tired of Meltman leading them into trouble, knocks Meltman off the mailbox. Thundergirl carries Pierce into the mailbox, which Meltman clings onto. Pierce tells Thundergirl he wanted to go to a concert with her, but understands she'll reject him because of how badly damaged he is from the garbage disposal incident. Thundergirl tells Pierce that looks aren't everything, and kisses him. A jealous Meltman tries to convince Thundergirl to go with him instead, as he's much more repulsive than Pierce, but to no avail. The mailbox closes as the episode ends.


  • Stinky Diver: "Ohhh, I think I'm gonna puke!" (Throws up on Johnny)
Johnny: "Gross. You're disgusting."
Stinky Diver: "No, I'm Stinky! Stinky Diver!"
  • Pierce: "Didn't you used to have hair?"
Thundergirl: "Didn't you used to have legs?"


  • When this episode aired on KaBlam!, unlike most Action League Now! episodes, the second part wasn't shown immediately after the first commercial break. Instead, it was shown towards the end of the episode. This is because the plot of the Kablam! episode, Comics of Champions, involved Henry having a crush on Thundergirl, June teasing him for it, and Henry worried that Thundergirl's relationship with Pierce would ruin his relationship with her.
  • Differences between the All That Version and the Kablam! Version:
    • Different sound effects play when Pierce goes into the garbage disposal.
    • The title cards are different.
    • In the All That version, the concert that Meltman wants Thundergirl to go to with him is Green Day. In the Kablam! version, the concert is Molly Hatchet.
    • Different music cues play when The Chief tells the Action League that Pierce is trapped in the garbage disposal.
    • In the Kablam! version, chime sound effects can be heard when the other members of the Action League hold up score cards.
    • The Kablam! version has two parts, with the first part ending after Stinky accidentally gets caught in the ceiling fan. The Narrator then asks the viewers if Pierce will be destroyed by the Garbage disposal, or if Meltman and The Flesh will make it to the Kitchen in time, then tells the viewers to stay tuned for Part 2. Part 2 begins with Meltman and The Flesh jumping aboard a car.
    • The sound Stinky makes when he throws up on Johnny is different.
    • Different music plays when Stinky is tossed into the goldfish bowl and Thundergirl's hair rips off.
    • Different music plays during the final scene when Thundergirl decides to go to the concert with Pierce and a jealous Meltman tries to convince her to go with him instead.
  • This is the first and pilot episode of Action League Now!

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