Cold OpenEdit

The Narrator: Dateline: Big Kitchen National Park.

(Pierce goes in the sinkhole.)

Pierce: Hey, Johnny.

Johnny: What do you see down there, Pierce?

Pierce: I can't see a thing. It's too dark.

Johnny: Hold on, let me see if there's a light switch. (He swings on the sink head and stops at the handle of a toaster.) Oh, here's one.

(The toaster tab lifts Johnny up and switches on the crusher for the sink. Pierce screams.)

Johnny: Pierce, are you alright?

Pierce (screams): AHHH, AHHH!! IT HURTS!

Act OneEdit

(Episode starts at Action HQ)

Meltman: Come on, Thundergirl, what do you say we go to that concert together? I'm talking Green Day front row.

(The Kablam! version is Molly Hatchet)

Thundergirl: Uh, I can't Meltman, I've got to, uh... I've got to fill my ice cube trays that night.

Meltman: Admit it. It's because I'm melted, isn't it? I disgust you.

Thundergirl: No, no, it's not that at all. (She puts on sunglasses.)

The Chief: Okay, listen up, you guys. (He draws a line with a crayon while he speaks) We've got ourselves a trapped spelunker at Big Kitchen. This one looks like a real political hot potato.

Meltman: Why's that, Chief?

The Chief: That spelunker; he's The Mayor's son!

Thundergirl (takes off sunglasses): Pierce! Action League away! (She then takes off.)

(The League watches Thundergirl set off to the rescue. Unfortunately, Thundergirl's hair gets caught in the ceiling fan. The League holds up score cards including Justice, who is unimpressed. Justice barks.)

Thundergirl: Very funny, you guys, now get me down!

The Chief: Meltman, Flesh, get your butts over to big kitchen, now! Stinky, get her down from there!

(Cut to Big Kitchen National Park, in which Johnny is at the spelunker holding the string.)

Johnny: I wonder what's taking them. I'm gonna get help. Ok, Pierce?

(Johnny goes to Action HQ as Pierce continues screaming.)

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