Stink Or Swim is the ninth episode of Action League Now!. It first premiered on the Kablam! episode, A Little Dab'll Do Ya on November 18, 1996.

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The episode begins with a recreational swimmer about to be flushed down the toilet. The Action League arrive to rescue him (though he's not happy about it). Stinky Diver prepares to dive, and hands Meltman his wallet so it won't get wet while he does. Just as he's about to dive, Stinky freezes up. As a result of his hesitation, the recriational swimmer gets flushed, and tells Stinky, "Thanks a lot, you big chicken." Stinky, ashamed of his failure, asks what's wrong with him.

At Action Headquarters, Stinky grieves over his failure, and the League berates him for it. Stinky remembers what had happened earlier that day, and couldn't rescue the recreational swimmer. The Chief then tells the Action League that an Action Fax has come in; this one being a boating accident at Aquarium Lake. He then tells Stinky he needs him for this rescue. Stinky, still grieving over the recreational swimmer's last words; "Thanks a lot you big chicken", is too scared. Thundergirl isn't sure Stinky's ready for this rescue. The Flesh then picks up Stinky and throws him.

At Aquarium Lake, the Action League prepare to save the drowning victims. Stinky hands Meltman his wallet and is about to dive in, but freezes up again. He remembers the recreational swimmer's last words, and tells the rest of the Action League he can't rescue the drowning victims. Meltman then asks if they're gonna have to save the drowning victims instead. The Flesh tosses Meltman into Aquarium Lake.

Moments later, the League walks away, carrying fishing poles and wearing fishing hats. Unfortunately, they forgot to rescue the drowning victims.

Later that day, at Bill the Lab Guy's laboratory, Bill asks Stinky if he can think of anything from his childhood that would make him freeze up like a gutless weasel in the face of danger. Stinky then tells Bill about the time he and his brother, Stench were at the toilet 20 years ago. They were fishing for smelts when Stench fell in. He wanted to save Stench, but at the time, he didn't have anyone to hold his wallet. Stench cried out, "Thanks a lot, you big chicken!". His last words still haunt him to this day. Bill, unable to see any connection, at first, can't think of anything to do. Suddenly, he does have an idea.

At the toilet, the Action League prepares to re-enact Stinky's botched rescue. Meltman then says all they need is someone to play the victim, prompting The Flesh to toss him in the toilet. The Narrator asks the viewers if Meltman will be flushed or if Stinky will overcome his fear and save him, then tells them to stay tuned for part 2.

In the second act, Stinky, unable to save Meltman, decides to give up and buy lunch. Thundergirl stops him, telling him that he's no quitter. She tells him to go back and save Meltman, and that she'll hold his wallet for him while he does. Stinky suddenly remembers that Meltman still has his wallet, and dives into the toilet after him.

While Stinky searches the toilet for Meltman, the Action League decide to pass the time by playing go fish. Suddenly, a strange rumbling sound is heard. One by one, the victims that Stinky failed to save earlier rise up; Meltman, the recreational swimmer, and Stench, who is revealed to have survived the whole 20 years down the drain. The Action League is proud of Stinky for overcoming his fear and cheer for him. Stinky is happy to see Stench again after 20 years, and Stench is proud of Stinky for saving his life. Meltman decides to celebrate Stinky's victory by buying everyone lunch. Stinky isn't surprised because after all, Meltman still has his wallet! Everyone then laughs as the episode ends.


  • The Recreational Swimmer: "Oh no, not those losers!"
  • Meltman: "Hey, this hat fits pretty good!"
The Flesh: "Yeah, mine too. But I can't help thinking we forgot something..."
The Drowning Victims: "Help! Help! Help! Help!"
  • The Flesh: "Got any twos, Chief?"
The Chief: "Go fish, nude dude!"
  • Stinky Diver: "It's good to have you back, Stench."
Stench Diver: "You saved my life, Stinky, even if it took you 20 years."
Stinky Diver: "I love you, Stench."

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