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.Tears of A Clone is the 35th episode of Action League Now! It First premiered on the Kablam! episode, Holdeth the Pickle, Holdeth the Lettuce on October 18, 1999.

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The episode begins at Bill the Lab Guy's laboratory, where Bill demonstrates his cloning machine to the Action League by making an exact duplicate of Justice. As The Flesh asks if the machine colates, The Chief tells Bill that he doesn't like the new cloning machine. He tells Bill that science should not meddle with nature... just before hypocritically asking him for the heart transplant he promised him! After The Chief and Bill leave, The Action League look at their reflections in the cloning machine. Just then, his dishonor, The Mayor closes the lid, turning the machine on. He figures that once the Action League has been cloned, they won't interfere with his evil plan.

When The Chief returns from his heart transplant, he thanks Bill for it. Bill then tells The Chief that it's important for him to keep his stress level down. Suddenly, The Chief sees the Action League have cloned themselves, with two clones of each member. He asks tehm what they did, and they deny that they touched Bill's cloning machine. Bill notes that the clones are eerily accurate to their counterparts in every way.

Meanwhile, The Mayor is succeeding with his evil plan; he has successfully loaded his wagon with all the incredibly breakable fine china he is planning to steal. He doesn't know that Justice and his clone have been watching the whole robbery.

Back at Action Headquarters, Stinky is playing a game of go fish with his clones. The first clone accuses him of looking at his cards, and the second clone takes offense and beats him up. Stinky tries to break up the fight, but gets beaten up himself. Thundergirl and her clones are fighting over a donut, until Meltman and his clones ask Thundergirl on a date. Thundergirl and her clones then toss their donut at Meltman and his clones in rejection. The Flesh lifts a Tuna can weight, and accidentally knocks his clones into a bookshelf, which falls on top of The Chief after he tells them to quit clowning. Justice and his clone arrive and tell The Chief that The Mayor has stolen all the incredibly breakable fine china. Thundergirl and her clones try to set off, but they accidentally crash into each other. The Flesh, Stinky, Meltman, and their clones all argue over where to sit in the Action Mobile as Thundergirl and her clones crash down. The Narrator asks the viewers if the League and their clones will stop themselves from stopping The Mayor, and if The Mayor will get away with all the incredibly breakable fine china. (The Mayor would tell the viewers, but the staff won't show him the script!) The Narrator then asks the viewers to stay tuned for Part 2.

In the second act, Bill has a plan to stop the Mayor; he's going to make clones of The Chief. The Chief hopes this plan works, or he's sending Bill back to the pharmacy.

Moments later, the League and their clones continue to argue over where to sit in the Action Mobile, until ten clones of The Chief tell them to stop arguing and get in the Action Mobile, or they're in a heap of trouble. The Action League climb aboard the Action Mobile (as well as, for some unexplained reason, it's two clones), and set off to chase after The Mayor.

Outside, Meltman tells the League and their clones to follow him, as he knows a shortcut. The three action mobiles drive off the cliff and fall. Below, The Mayor is pleased with his victory, when he suddenly sees the three Action Mobiles fall on him, breaking some of the fine china in the process. They cause him to lose control of his wagon, sending it further down the cliff and breaking the rest of the fine china, which The Mayor suddenly understands why it's called that. Bill and The Chief catch up to The Mayor, and Bill tells The Chief he's learned his lesson; from now on, he will never meddle with nature again. The Chief disagrees with Bill, because now, thanks to him, the next time he needs another heart transplant, he can choose from any one of his ten clones! The Chief and all his clones laugh as the episode ends.


  • The Chief: "Sorry, old friend, but science shouldn't meddle with nature! Now, how bout' that heart transplant you promised me?"
  • Stinky Diver: "Finally! Someone to talk to around here! You mates are my kind of blokes!"
Stinky Clone 1: "Hey! Quit looking at me cards, you rotter!"
Stinky Clone 2: "What? No one calls Stinky Diver a cheater!"
Stinky Clone 1: "Blimey!"
Stinky Clone 2: "Take that!"
Stinky Clone 1: "My arm!"
Stinky Diver: "You can't do that to him, I mean me!"
  • Thundergirl: "It's mine!"
Thundergirl Clone 1: "Have you ever heard of a salad?"
Thundergirl Clone 2: "Trust me, Thunderthighs, you don't need it!"
(Meltman appears with his two clones)
Meltman: "Hey, good-lookings! How's about going breakdancing tonight with Me, Myself, and I? Ooh, aah, yeah, get down!"
Thundergirl and Clones: "Break this, chumps!" (They toss their donut at Meltman and his clones)
  • The Flesh: "Okay, fellas. Spot me. I'm going for the record!" (He throws his clones to the shelf)
Flesh Clones: "Ouchies!"
  • Narrator: "Is the league outnumbered by its own idiocy? Will his 'Dish-honor' get away with his fine china chicanery?"
The Mayor: "I'd tell you, but they won't show me the script!"
Narrator: "Find out in the Action-cloned conclusion of Action League Now!"
  • Narrator: "Double trouble, the League in rubble."
  • The Chief Clones: "Quiet, you nitwits!"
Chief Clone 1: "Get your rears in gear!"
Chief Clone 2: "Pronto!"
Chief Clone 3: "Or you're in more trouble than a barracuda at a bar mitzvah!"
Chief Clone 4: "A ski jumper at a skate show!"
Chief Clone 5: "A jackrabbit on the Jersey turnpike!"
All Chief Clones: "Now move out!"
  • Meltman: "Follow me, gang. I know a shortcut!"
Action League and Clones: "Action League away!" (They all drive off the cliff, falling)
Meltman: "You gotta admit, it is shorter."

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