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Testimony of Terror is the 11th episode of Action League Now!. It first premiered on the Kablam! episode, Resistance is Futile on January 31, 1997.

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The episode begins at a safe house, where the Action League brings in a Kid. After checking the area, The Flesh closes and locks the door, launching Meltman into the sidewalk, where he gets run over by a bicycle. The Chief then explains to the league that The Kid they brought is a witness in The Mayor's trial. The Mayor is liable to try anything to silence him, and they must protect him at all costs. Meltman returns to the house through the mail slot as the Chief leaves. Mere seconds after he leaves, The Kid goes missing. When the League looks for him, he drops a vase on them, then wants to play another game with them.

His dishonor, The Mayor finds his way to the safe house, and is ready to go inside and silence The Kid.

Inside the safe house, The Action League prepares to play a game of Hide and Seek with The Kid. After counting to 100, they split up and search. The Flesh searches the laundry room, and hears The Kid on top of the washing machine. As The Flesh looks inside the washing machine, The Kid closes the lid, pushing The Flesh inside. He then sets the washing machine to "8", and runs off, laughing. Meltman overhears The Flesh and thinks he's doing his laundry, then he realizes that The Flesh has no laundry because he's naked. He steps in the middle of a waffle iron, which The Kid traps him in and turns on. Meltman melts as The Kid laughs.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Stinky is searching for The Kid. The Kid tells Stinky he's in the VCR, and Stinky climbs inside. Unfortunately, Stinky is trapped in an undersea nature show, with a hungry shark chasing him! The Kid laughs as he watches the Shark chase Stinky on the TV.

Thundergirl searches the house for The Kid from an aerial view. The Kid then lifts up a fan, which he uses to behead her. Thundergirl is very mad at The Kid for what he's done to her, but he merely laughs at her. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. Thundergirl tells The Kid not to answer it, but he doesn't listen. He rushes outside, thinking more kids have come to play with him. Outside is a present, but as soon as it opens, The Mayor is revealed to be inside, ready to get his revenge on The Kid. The Narrator asks if The Mayor will stop the kid, especially since The Action League is caught in various traps, then tells them to stay tuned for Part 2.

In the second act, the washing machine stops and a dizzy The Flesh climbs out of it. He then lands on the waffle iron, opening it and revealing Meltman, whose body is now shaped like a waffle. They hear the kid yelling for help and run off to gather the rest of the Action League to help them save him.

In the living room, Stinky is still being chased by the hungry shark. The Flesh, wondering where Stinky is, accidentally steps on the "Eject" button of the remote, ejecting Stinky out of the VCR and landing on Thundergirl's body, which lands on her head. The Flesh, having heard The Kid yell for help again, tells Stinky and Thundergirl that The Kid is in trouble. On the table, The Mayor is about to push The Kid off with a pencil. Suddenly, Thundergirl tells The Mayor to stop. When the Mayor is distracted by the League, Meltman starts to cheer for The Mayor. Having put up with all the horrible things The Kid did to them, The Flesh, Stinky, and Thundergirl join in, until The Kid knocks The Mayor off the Table. The Chief returns and asks The League what's going on. Thundergirl tells The Chief they caught The Mayor and they pretend to scold him. The Chief is proud of the Action League, then he asks where The Kid is. The Kid pushes a bowl, which lands on The League and The Mayor, then he laughs and wants to play another game as the episode ends.


  • Meltman: "Is that you, Flesh? This is no time to be doing your laundry! Hey, wait a second; The Flesh is naked, he doesn't have any laundry!"
Stinky Diver: "Come out, come out, wherever you are! This is ludicrous! I'm a superhero, not a babysitter!"
The Kid: "Over here, Smelly!"
Stinky Diver (as he climbs into the VCR): "I'll show you smelly, you impudent little twerp!" (Stinky appears on the TV next to a shark) "Blimey! A man-eating Leviathan! Mayday, mayday!"
The Kid: "Ha ha!"
Thundergirl: "You're a very naughty boy."
The Kid: "Well, you're very decapitated. Ha ha!"
  • The Flesh (after saving Meltman): "Gollers, Meltman, you're melted."
Thundergirl (as The Mayor prepares to push The Kid off the table): "All right, Mayor."
The Mayor: "What the?"
Meltman: "Yeah! All right, Mayor!"

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