The Chief

Portrayed by

Victor Hart (First Few Episodes), Collin M. McGee (Majority)



First Appearance

I've Been Workin' On Derailroad

Last Appearance

And Justice for None

Character descriptionEdit

A leader of Action League NOW! He is a crime-fighting hero. He boss everybody around. The boss of the Action League, the Chief is an angry, frustrated man who frequently yells at the Action League for their mistakes and unintended backtalk. His catchphrase is "Blast it!" and "You morons!" He once got a heart transplant from Bill the Lab Guy. He also once successfully awoke from a coma, induced by the Flesh's carelessness, after having had to listen to all of incidents in which the League had injured him during his extended sleep.


  • The Chief was made by putting together and modifying parts from Playskool "Play People" dollhouse figures.


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