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The Revenge of Hodge Podge is the 21st episode of Action League Now!. It first premiered on the Kablam! episode, Harold's Glow-in-the-dark Brand Butter on April 21, 1997.

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The episode begins at Action Headquarters, where The Chief tells Thundergirl, Stinky Diver, and Meltman that Hodge Podge has escaped from the asylum, and he'll be wanting his revenge on them, telling them to be on the lookout for anything suspicious. Just then, The Flesh arrives, carrying several unmarked packages. The Action League, excited, open the packages, but they don't find anything they like. Instead, they find pieces of junk. The Chief then asks who would send them presents like those. Just then, the pieces of junk assemble themselves into Hodge Podge, who is ready to get his revenge on the League.

The Flesh asks Hodgepodge what he has against the Action League. Hodge Podge tells the League that they ruined his life. He then tells them he used to be the Action League accountant, until the day The Flesh accidentally knocked him into the blender. He was then horribly put back together with spare parts from Bill the Lab Guy. After telling his story, he tears the Action League to pieces.

Later that day, at Bill the Lab Guy's laboratory, Bill is trying to open a present. Just then, his daughter, Quarky comes by, wanting to show her the creature she made in science class. Bill tells Quarky to run along, as he is busy. Quarky wants to stay and help him be a scientist, but he tells her it's too dangerous, and she's too young. He then tells her to go practice her ballet. Quarky walks away, telling him she hates ballet. When Bill opens the present, he finds the pieces of the Action League inside. The Chief tells Bill that he has to reassemble them. Bill then tells The Chief that there's nothing he can do. Suddenly, Hodge Podge appears and tells Bill he told him the exact same thing. Bill tells Hodge Podge that because he was in a million pieces; there really was nothing he could do. Annoyed, Hodge Podge then tells Bill that there is something he can do; he can beg for mercy! He chases Bill, who tries to run away. Quarky returns and tells the Action League that she can put them back together and prove to her dad that she can be a scientist. The Action League cheer for her as she picks up their pieces. Hodge Podge holds Bill over the blender, as the Narrator asks the viewers if Bill is a goner, or if Quarky will be able to reassemble the Action League in time to save him. He then tells the viewers to stay tuned for part 2.

In the second act, Bill tries to convince Hodge Podge not to drop him into the blender, but to no avail, as the maniac is enjoying succeeding in his evil plan! Just then, Thundergirl appears, put together with the parts of the other members of the Action League. Hodge Podge sees the mutant Thundergirl and becomes lovestruck. He drops Bill outside the blender and walks towards the mutant Thundergirl. The mutant Thundergirl then uses The Flesh's arm to punch Hodge Podge, who lands in the blender. Quarky then tells Bill that she saved him, and she's just like him, she's Quarky the Lab Girl. Bill tells Quarky he was wrong and thanks her for saving him. He then asks her what she did with the other pieces of the Action League. She tells him that she tossed them out, to keep the lab clean like he wants. Bill is proud of Quarky for following in his footsteps as a scientist.

Outside, the rest of the pieces of the Action League, including the heads of The Flesh, Stinky, Meltman, and The Chief, are in a dumpster, which then gets emptied into a garbage truck as the episode ends.


  • Meltman: "Uh, little help?"
The Chief: "Bill the Lab Guy, you've got to reassemble us! I feel like Humpty Dumpty at the end of that story about Humpty Dumpty!"
Bill the Lab Guy: "Chief, there's nothing I can do."
Hodge Podge: "That's what you told me... and look how nice I turned out!"
Bill the Lab Guy: "Hodge Podge, you were in a million pieces. There really was nothing I could do."
Hodge Podge: "Stop saying that, you hack! No, there is something you can do; you can beg for mercy!"
  • Announcer: "An accountant; sliced, The Action League; diced, a lab guy; sli... uh... back to our story!"


  • This episode marks the first appearance of Hodgepodge.

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