The Wrath of Spotzilla
The Wrath of Spotzilla (part 2)

The Wrath of Spotzilla is the fifth episode of Action League Now!. Parts 1 and 2 first aired on the KaBlam! episode, Comics For Tomorrow Today on October 21, 1996, while Parts 3 and 4 first aired on the KaBlam! episode, Not Just for People Anymore on November 25, 1996.

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The episode begins at the patio, where the Action League is accepting the nobel prize for being the best superheroes in the world. As The Flesh, Thundergirl, and Meltman are being presented with first place blue ribbons, The Chief mentions to them that he's proud of them, and tells them to go outside and have some fun, as they deserve it. He then wonders where Stinky is. Stinky is being interviewed by Leslie on what it's like to be a superhero. She asks him if being a superhero is dangerous, and he tells her that he eats danger for breakfast.

Later that day, everyone is dancing on the patio. Meltman tries to convince Thundergirl to dance with him, even offering to teach her how to clog dance. While it fails to impress Thundergirl, the loud thumping does awaken Spotzilla, a mesozoic monster (really a Jack Russel Terrier) who has been asleep for two million years. Upon awakening, he seeks out the source of the noise. Meltman asks Thundergirl if she'd like to clog dance with him and she tells him in a scared voice, "Oh, my gosh! No!" Meltman tells her that they could always do the hokey pokey, but Thundergirl tells him that Spotzilla is on the loose. Spotzilla knocks over several townspeople and causes the rest to run away in fear.

Meanwhile, Leslie continues interviewing Stinky, asking him how he knows when danger is about to strike. Stinky, who is rested in a hot dog bun, tells her that his sense of danger is like a sixth sense. Even though he can't quite explain how it works, he thinks it has something to do with his glands. Suddenly, Spotzilla appears and eats Stinky whole. The narrator asks the viewers if this could be the end of Stinky, and what will happen because of Spotzilla's rampage. he then asks the viewers if the rest of the League will be able to stop him in time, then tells them to stay tuned for Part 2.

In the second act, The Chief holds a meeting. The Flesh asks The Chief what happened to Stinky. The Chief tells him that Stinky's gone, and there's nothing they can do to bring him back. Meltman tells The Chief that it doesn't smell the same without Stinky. The Chief tells Meltman not to go soft on him, as Spotzilla is heading for the World Cup Soccer Championship at the Garage dome.

At the Garage Dome, the World Cup Soccer Championship begins. André LeCroy is the star everybody is rooting for, and they cheer as he scores a goal.

Back at the patio, The Chief tells The Flesh, Thundergirl, and Meltman that if they don't stop Spotzilla, they'll have a real international hot potato on their hands. Meltman tells The Chief that while he may not have a face, he does have a plan.

Meltman's plan is to lure Spotzilla away from the Garage dome by having him fetch a stick. However, the stick that Meltman uses is much too tiny for Spotzilla to see, and when he lures Spotzilla to him, he picks him up with his mouth and carries him away. Thundergirl is flying right behind Spotzilla, and she tells Meltman not to worry, as she'll use her super strength to stop the beast. As she grabs Spotzilla's tail, she suddenly remembers that she doesn't have super strength. Spotzilla's tail launches her into the air and she lands on the grill of a car. The Flesh, who is holding a leash, tells everyone not to worry, as he does have super strength. He throws the leash, which flies into the air and latches onto Spotzilla's collar. The Narrator asks the viewers if The Flesh will be able to stop Spotzilla, then tells them to tune in next week for Part 3.

In the third act, The narrator gives a brief recap of the first two acts, concluding by telling the viewers that The Flesh is the only hope of stopping Spotzilla. However, Spotzilla's large size pulls the Flesh across the yard. The Flesh thinks this wouldn't have happened if he worked on his biceps. Spotzilla pulls The Flesh across the yard, through a wading pool, over a log, through some bushes, and he stops briefly, causing The Flesh to land on a barbecue grill. The Flesh gets flipped like a burger, and Spotzilla continues pulling him across the yard.

Meanwhile, at the Garage Dome, only one option remains. The Chief goes into the announcer's booth and at first, he tries to warn everyone that Spotzilla is on his way and they have to evacuate, but then he gets distracted by Andre's soccer playing and becomes the announcer for the game.

Back at the yard, Spotzilla buries Meltman. Meltman tells Spotzilla he's been in worse jams, when suddenly, a lawn mower approaches. The lawn mover mows right over the spot where he is buried and launches his head into the air. His head lands in the soccer field, and Andre kicks it through a goal.

Thundergirl, who has just released herself from the grill of the car, mopes, saying that they failed, and that millions of people will die an untimely death because of them. As she continues, saying they don't deserve medals, Meltman's head lands next to her. She says that they're action losers. Meltman tells her, "Maybe not," and Thundergirl asks him what he means. Meltman tells her that while he may not have a body, he does have a plan. As Meltman's body wanders into a croquet field, The Narrator tells the viewers that the Action League is out of time, luck, and body parts, and looks like they're out for the count. He then asks the viewers if they really are, then tells them to stay tuned for the fourth and final part.

In the fourth and final act, The Narrator gives a brief recap, revealing that The Flesh has been tied to a tree. He then tells the viewers that millions will taste Spotzilla's wrath unless Thundergirl and Meltman make it to the Garage Dome before him. As Spotzilla gets closer, Thundergirl worries they might not make it time. Meltman tells her not to worry, and to lower him onto his back so that he can stop him. When the reach the Garage dome, Thundergirl gets distracted by Andre and drops Meltman. Fortunately, Meltman lands on Spotzilla's back. As Andre prepares his next move, Spotzilla eats him. A little boy sees Spotzilla and everyone panics. As they panic, Meltman looks for a particular spot on Spotzilla. He scratches Spotzilla's back, and just as it looks like Spotzilla is about to eat the little boy, Meltman finds Spotzilla's tickle spot and scratches it. This calms Spotzilla down, causing him to eventually fall asleep. Meltman tells everyone that all Spotzilla needed was a little love, and the little boy tells him not to make him puke.

That night, at Action Headquarters, Spotzilla takes a nap as The Chief gives The Flesh, Thundergirl, and Meltman their ribbons back, saying they're not action losers, they're action winners. A sad Thundergirl tells The Chief that their victory doesn't feel right without Stinky. Just then, a very stinky Stinky walks in, and The Flesh is happy to see him again. A disgusted Thundergirl asks Stinky where he's been, and Stinky tells her she doesn't want to know. He is very exhausted from trying to find his way out of Spotzilla, and he implies that he went out the other end. Thundergirl tells Stinky he's disgusting, and Stinky tells her, "No, I'm Stinky, Stinky Diver!". Everyone, even Spotzilla laughs, as the episode ends.


  • Narrator: "While Meltman's clog dancing fails to impress Thundergirl, it does get the attention of the bloodthirsty behemoth known as Spotzilla. Asleep in his subterranean chamber since the dawn of the Mezozoic age, Spotzilla awakens with only one thing on his mind; death and destruction. Okay, that's two things, so sue me."
  • Narrator: "Can this be the end for Stinky Diver, and what of Spotzilla? 2 million years old, 2 million years bad. Can the league stop him in time? Stay tuned for the next action-gobbling installment of Action League Now!"
  • The Chief: "Dag-blast it! That furball freak caught us with our pants down."
The Flesh: "But, Chief,"
The Chief: "I know, Flesh; your pants are always down.
  • Narrator: "With the faith of millions hanging in the balance. Can our super strong, super naked, super hero hang on?"
The Flesh: "The Mighty Flesh, large and in charge."
Narrator: "Stay tuned for the next action-flex installment of Action League Now!"
  • Narrator: "Out of luck, out of time and out of body parts. It looks like our heroes are out for the count, or are they? Stay tuned for the action-lathered conclusion of Action League Now!"
  • Announcer: "Andre dribbles left, he dribbles right, he gets eaten alive by a ferocious, prehistoric monster!"


  • This episode is the first double-length episode of Action League Now!.

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