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Thunder and Lightning is the fourth episode of Action League Now!. It first premiered on the Kablam! episode, Built For Speed on October 14, 1996.

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The episode begins with a baby carriage headed towards the edge of a cliff. Inside the carriage is Gunther the Pink Teddy Bear. Thundergirl chases after the runaway carriage, and has an idea on how to stop it. When the carriage begins to fall down the cliff, Thundergirl thinks about using her super strength to catch it. The carriage lands on Thundergirl, who suddenly remembers she does not have super strength. When she goes up to the carriage to see if Gunther is still okay, she finds him missing.

At the top of the cliff, various townspeople, including the other members of the Action League, tell Thundergirl about Lightning Lady, and how she saved Gunther. Lightning lady asks who Thundergirl is, and she growls. Stinky asks Lightning Lady if she'd like to join the Action League, as they need her. Lightning Lady accepts and joins him, Meltman, and The Flesh. Thundergirl feels unwanted now because the other members of the League like Lightning Lady better than her.

At Action Headquarters, the Chief gives Lightning Lady the Action League initiation, asking her if she fows to do a good job. Lightning lady says she does. The Flesh, Stinky, and Meltman all cheer for her. Meltman even offers to take her to lunch. Lightning Lady tells her that she'd love to go, but today, she has to put a patio in her backyard. Meltman, Stinky, and The Flesh all want to join her, and she is happy to have them along, even wanting to make a party of it. She also invites Thundergirl to join her, but Thundergirl refuses, as she would rather stay at Action Headquarters and defend the world against evil. Meltman, Stinky, and the Flesh tell her to have fun while they're at Lightning Lady's party. Thundergirl is still jealous, wondering what it is that Lightning Lady has that she doesn't.

At the party, Lightning Lady has put snacks on the table, including a bottomless shrimp bowl and cocktail weenies. As the Action League is helping her put in the patio, Stinky tells her he used to be a bricklayer, and The Flesh tells her he used to be on the drill team. Meltman is about to tell her what he used to be, but he gets hit by The Flesh's shovel and flown into a bug zapper. Stinky tells The Flesh to be careful, as safety always comes first. The Flesh tries to remember, but his shovel accidentally hits a pile of bricks, which land on Stinky. The Flesh blames Stinky for making him do that, then his shovel accidentally hits a hammer, which launches a brick into some bags of concrete, which land on him.

Moments later, The Flesh and Stinky find themselves in pieces in a ditch. Lightning Lady then kicks a burnt-but-still-in-one-piece Meltman into the ditch with them. Meltman tells The Flesh and Stinky that Lightning Lady must not like the job they're doing. Lightning Lady then decides to pour cement into the ditch, trapping them. The Flesh, Stinky, and Meltman cry for help after finding out. The Narrator asks the viewers if Lightning Lady is either a rude hostess or evil, then tells them to stay tuned for Part 2.

In the second act, The Narrator tells the viewers that The Flesh, Stinky, and Meltman are trapped, and only Thundergirl can save them. Back at Action Headquarters, Thundergirl is still jealous of Lightning Lady, and refuses to go to her party. Suddenly, she sees the floating disembodied head of her father, Thunderdad, who is disappointed in her. Thundergirl tells her dad that she's shallow and petty, but Lightning Lady has a cape. Thunderdad then tells her that he was talking about her do as a superhero. He then asks her how she can bear the name "Thunder" and pass up a free bottomless shrimp buffet. Thundergirl tells him he's right, as she loves free shrimp, thanks him, then tries to set off to go to the party, but first gets caught under the mattress.

When Thundergirl does finally fly to Lightning Lady's party, she lands on the ditch where The Flesh, Stinky, and Meltman are, and asks where the free shrimp is. Lightning Lady is holding one, telling her it's for her. Thundergirl flies up and tells her to hand over the shrimp. Lightning Lady hits Thundergirl with the shrimp, knocking her into the cement mixer below. Lightning Lady laughs at her victory, but her victory is short-lived, as Thundergirl has flown out of the cement mixer. Thundergirl grabs the shrimp and pulls Lightning Lady up with her. Lightning Lady tells her to let go of the shrimp, as it is hers. Thundergirl decides that if Lightning Lady wants the shrimp that bad, she can have it, with cocktail sauce. She then lets go of the shrimp, causing Lightning Lady to fall into the cement mixer below.

Later that day, as Thundergirl is eating some shrimp after rescuing The Flesh, Stinky, and Meltman, they thank her for rescuing them and apologize if they made her feel unwanted. The Flesh asks if they can have some shrimp, and Thundergirl tells them they can, after she shows them something. Thundergirl pulls of Lightning Lady's head, revealing it was just a mask, and that Lightning Lady is really The Mayor in disguise. The Flesh asks The Mayor why he was pretending to be Lightning Lady. The Mayor tells them he did it because he's evil. Meltman then says that The Mayor may be evil, but he sure can cook. Everyone laughs, including Thunderdad, as the episode ends.


  • Meltman: "Hey, Lightning Lady, how bout' I take you to lunch and tell you all about my super powers?
Thundergirl: "That ought to be a short conversation."
  • Thundergirl: "Okay, where's the shrimp?
Lightning Lady: "Up here! Oh, look, this one has your name on it; Thunderthighs!"
Thundergirl: "Well, what do you know? She's a comedian, too!"

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