Thunder Girl

Portrayed by

Cris Winter



First Appearance

I've Been Workin' On Derailroad

Last Appearance

And Justice for None

"She flies ... like thunder!"

Character DescriptionEdit

The only female member of the team, as well as the only one with the ability to fly. She usually accompanies her flight with a song similar to the tune of John Williams' Star Wars theme (This was dropped later on in the series). Thundergirl does not appreciate Meltman's crush on her, and usually ignores his professions of love (and sometimes slaps him). She does not seem to think of herself as an equal to the rest of the League, thinking of herself as superior instead. A recurring gag is her stating that she will use her super strength only to realize too late that she doesn't have super strength.


  • The figure used for Thundergirl was a Sindy doll's head on an heavily modified se-ra body..
  • just found this article....I think the figure used for thundergirl was barbie's little sister Stacie (7 1/2 inches, 1993). The head is very similar to Sindy. A She-Ra body is too small in height and girth for thundergirl. search for "barbie stacie nude" on ebay, and overlook the half or more of the listings that are for a 2006-era Stacie that is 10" tall.

Character DescriptionEdit

A spoof of Wonder Woman, and she flies like thunder.


  • (singing) Thundergirl, flying like thunder, while others would wonder, what it's like to be me!


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