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Tune Up of Terror is the 45th episode of Action League Now!. It first premiered on the Kablam! episode, Going the Extra Mile on December 25, 1999.

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The episode begins at Bill the Lab Guy's lab, where we see what looks like Bill repairing the Action Mobile. The Chief tells Bill to hurry up, as Hodgepodge is on the loose again, and they need the Action Mobile to catch him. As The Chief leaves, Hodgepodge reveals himself wearing Bill's legs. He has a new plan to get his revenge on the Action League. He has put Bill's body in a beaker, and tells him that he's sabotaged the Action Mobile by planting a remote control device in it.

Back at Action HQ, the Chief tells the Action League that Hodgepodge is on the loose, so they must climb aboard the Action Mobile. Meltman offers to drive. At first, everyone thinks it's a joke, but Meltman tells them that he's ready; he finally has his driver's license. The Chief reluctantly agrees to let Meltman drive, but just this once. An excited Meltman gets ebhind the wheel and starts up the Action Mobile. The Chief tells Meltman to go easy on the Gas throttle, but before Meltman can, Hodgepodge uses his remote control to control the Action Mobile, causing it to run over the Action League and crash down the stairs.

Moments later, as punishment for his alleged bad driving, The Chief takes away Meltman's driver's license and cuts it up. Meltman tells The Chief it wasn't his fault the Action Mobile crashed; it was driving itself. The Chief doesn't believe Meltman and tells him to stay behind while he and the rest of the League look for Hodgepodge. Just then, Bill the Lab Guy (minus his legs) appears in a go-kart and tells Meltman that Hodgepodge planted a remote control device in the Action Mobile. They have to stop Hodgepodge and save the League. Meltman climbs aboard Bill's kart, ready to be a hero, and prove he can drive. He tries to start up Bill's kart, but accidentally launches Bill into a wall. He then apologizes, saying he's not used to power brakes.

Meanwhile, the rest of the League is looking for Hodgepodge. Hodgepodge, who is hiding behind a couch cushion, uses his remote control to make the Action Mobile spin out of control. Thundergirl asks The Chief if he took a driving lesson from Meltman, but he tells her that he is a great driver, and he can adjust. The Action Mobile crashes again, and The Chief begins to question what's happening. Meltman and Bill show up, and Meltman tries to tell The Chief to stop the car, but Hodgepodge, seeing this as a chance to kill two birds with one stone, uses his remote control to make the Action Mobile run over Bill's kart. Eventually, the League and Hodgepodge meet face to face, and Hodgepodge uses his remote control to make the Action Mobile drive into the road, right into the path of a big car. The narrator asks the viewers if the Action League will be flattened by the big car, then tells the viewers to stay tuned for part 2.

In the second act, just as it looks like the Action Mobile is about to be flattened by the big car, Meltman drives Bill's kart into Hodgepodge, pushing him into the road and causing him to lose control of his remote for a few seconds, giving The Chief just enough time to steer out of the way of the big car. Hodgepodge is then upset that his remote doesn't work on big cars, and the big car flattens him.

Later that day, the Action League clean up Hodgepodge's pieces. The Chief tells Meltman that as a reward for saving him and the League, he can drive the Action Mobile whenever he wants. An excited Meltman gets behind the wheel of the Action Mobile. The Chief then tells Meltman to go easy on the gas, but an excited Meltman doesn't pay attention and runs over the League with the Action Mobile as the story ends.


  • The Chief: "Okay, you bozos, Hodgepodge is out there like a bad smell on a bouillabaisse. Now get on it!"
Meltman: "Great. I'll drive!"
The Chief: "What?!"
The Flesh: "Good one!"
Thundergirl: "Yeah, right!"
Stinky Diver: "And I'm the king of Finland!"
Meltman: "I'm serious; I finally passed my driver's test!"
Stinky Diver: "I guess they got tired of him coming down there and wrecking all their cars!"
  • Hodgepodge: "How's my driving? Dial 1-800-jerks!"
  • Stinky Diver (As the Action Mobile spins out of control): "Here comes lunch!"
The Flesh: "Yummers!"
(Stinky throws up)
The Flesh: "Yuckers!"


  • When Meltman says, "Jane, stop this crazy thing!", he is referencing a line from the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series, The Jetsons, whenever George Jetson's treadmill malfunctions.


  • This episode marks the final appearance of Hodgepodge.

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