Turkey of Terror

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Turkey of Terror is the third episode of the second season of Action League Now!, and the 1th episode overall. It first premiered on the KaBlam! episode, Cramming Cartoons Since 1627 on March 24, 1997.

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The episode begins at Action League Headquarters, where The Chief is reading an invitation from their greatest foe, his dishonor: The Mayor. The Chief tells the League that the invitation says that The Mayor is calling a truce, and to show his goodwill, is inviting them to spend Thanksgiving Dinner at his mansion. The Flesh, Thundergirl, and Meltman are excited, but Stinky isn't. He suspects that the invitation to The Mayor's Mansion is part of a trap, and that The Mayor hasn't reformed. The Flesh tells Stinky there'll be free turkey, and The Chief tells him there can't be World Peace unless every member of the Action League attends. He tells him that going to the Mayor's Mansion is an order. Stinky figures that if that's how it is, then he doesn't want to be a member of the Action League anymore. He quits, and throws his badge away, declaring he never goes where he smells a rat. Meltman tells Stinky that those are big words coming from someone who lives in a toilet, and Stinky's badge flies into the air until it gets stuck in Meltman's back.

Outside The Mayor's Mansion, The Flesh, Thundergirl, Meltman (with Stinky's badge still stuck in his back), The Chief, and Justice approach the front door. Meltman asks the rest of the League if they can help get Stinky's badge out of his back, and The Flesh grabs the badge and launches Meltman into the air. Meltman hits the doorbell, and lands near the rest of the League. The Chief then tells The Flesh, Thundergirl, and Meltman that if there is to be World Peace, he expects everyone on their best behavior. Suddenly, a giant safe falls on them. This giant safe was rigged by The Mayor, who had been watching them from above. Justice, who has Stinky's badge, witnesses the event and finds out that Stinky was right about the Mayor. He then rushes off to find Stinky to help him rescue the rest of the League.

Meanwhile, at Stinky's house, Stinky is having Thanksgiving dinner with his Parents and his brother, Stench. Stinky's Dad has heard that Stinky has quit his job at the Action League and wonders if he'd like to pump septic tanks with him and Stench. Stinky's Mom argues with him, insisting that Stinky is too good to pump septic tanks with them, and pretty soon, the whole family gets into an argument. As Stench and Stinky's Dad fight each other, Stinky hears Justice barking. He sees Justice with his badge as Justice tells him the League is in trouble and needs to be rescued. Stinky thanks Justice, telling him he owes him for rescuing him from his family's argument. He jumps onto the toilet's lever, then inside the toilet, which flushes him into the sewers.

Back at the Mayor's Mansion, The Flesh, Thundergirl, Meltman, and The Chief awaken to find themselves inside a turkey. The Mayor is outside and he sticks a thermometer in the turkey, as well as through Meltman, who suddenly suspects that The Mayor has broken the truce. The Mayor's plan is to cook the turkey with them inside. The Narrator asks the viewers if The Mayor will succeed in his evil plan or if Stinky will be able to rescue them in time, then tells them to stay tuned for Part 2.

In the second act, as The Mayor is mashing potatoes, Stinky arrives through the sink and tells The Mayor his evil plan has failed. However, The Mayor, who is armed with a whisk, tells Stinky that he's too late to save the rest of the League. Stinky uses a spatula to knock away The Mayor's whisk, and is bout to finish him off, when he hears the rest of the League calling for help from inside the oven. Inside the turkey, The Flesh tells Thundergirl, Meltman, and The Chief that he's going to ram their way out. Stinky then jumps towards the oven, and The Mayor chases after him. Stinky tosses a roped anchor onto the oven's handle just as The Flesh is preparing his final ram. Stinky jumps down and opens the oven just as The Flesh runs out. The Flesh lands on a skateboard and he and the rest of the League chase after The Mayor. Eventually, they meet in the middle of the road, where they and the Turkey get run over by a passing car. The Flesh, Thundergirl, Meltman, and The Chief recover themselves and prepare to eat the turkey, when Stinky catches up with them. The League is happy to see Stinky again and The Chief tells him they owe him an apology. After all, he was right about The Mayor. Stinky then tells the League he's happy to be back, as he realizes now they're all part of a family. He hugs The Chief and wishes him, The Flesh, Thundergirl, and Meltman a happy Thanksgiving. They all wish him a happy Thanksgiving as well. An unamused, legless Mayor tells them to shut up and pass him a wing as the episode ends.


  • (Stinky and his family are about to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner)
Stinky: "Smells good, Mom. It's great to have Thanksgiving with the people who love and support you!"
Stinky's Dad: "So, you couldn't hold a job, eh, Son? I suppose you'll be wanting to join up with me and Stench now."
Stinky's Mom: "Shut your gob, Rick! My baby's too good to pump septic tanks!"
Stinky's Dad :"Shut my gob? Shut your gob, you saggy-eared old Sal!"
Stench: "Hey, Mom's not old!"
Stinky's Dad: "Who asked you?"


  • This is the only holiday-themed episode of Action League Now!, as it takes place during Thanksgiving.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Stinky's Mother and Father, and the second appearance of Stinky's brother, Stench.
  • A clip from this episode was used in the KaBlam! episode, Money Train 2, where Henry explains to June and the viewers why there are villains in Action League Now! and how dull the show would be without them.

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