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Voice of Treason is the 25th episode of Action League Now!. It first premiered on the Kablam! episode, Tastes Like Paper on May 19th, 1997.

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The episode begins at Bill the Lab Guy's laboratory, where Bill unveils a top secret weapon in the war against evil; a voice box secured safely inside Gunther the Pink Teddy Bear. The Chief is impressed with Bill's invention, wanting it operational ASAP. As The Chief boards his car, he tells Bill to keep an eye out, as he doesn't want the voice box to fall into the wrong hands. After The Chief leaves, Bill is sure that nothing bad can happen to it, as his lab is impregnable. Suddenly, a toolbox falls on him. Hodgepodge is revealed to have dropped it on him, and is planning to steal the voice box to get his revenge on the Action League.

At Action Headquarters, the Action League are cleaning up because they've been told to by the Chief. Stinky isn't happy about this at all. Suddenly, the phone rings. Meltman answers the phone, and what sounds like The Chief is on the other end. On the other end, it's really Hodgepodge, who has taken the voice box out of Gunther, and is using it to disguise his voice to sound like The Chief. Hodgepodge tells the Action League in The Chief's voice, that he will be at a conference all day today and they can take the day off. An excited Action League set off to spend their day off and hang up the phone. After Hodgepodge hangs up the phone, he reveals that he's going to use the stolen voice box to trick the Action League.

Meltman is at the computer, ready to start his own page, Just as he begins, the phone rings. On the other end is Hodgepodge, who has used the voice box to disguise his voice to sound like Thundergirl's. Hodgepodge tells Meltman in Thundergirl's voice that she has a crush on him, and to meet her outside by the wood shed as soon as he can. Meltman, who has always had a crush on Thundergirl, rushes off to the wood shed immediately. Hodgepodge then dials the phone to call Thundergirl, and uses the voice box to disguise his voice to sound like Meltman.

Meanwhile, The Flesh and Stinky are watching a soap opera, when the phone rings. The Flesh answers the phone, and on the other end is Hodgepodge, who uses the voice box to disguise his voice to sound like Kenny Rogers. He tells him that he's invited him and Stinky to join his new gym for free. The Flesh can't wait to join.

With his evil plan in motion, Hodgepodge sets off to the wood shed, where he finds Meltman waiting for Thundergirl. Thundergirl arrives and asks Meltman where the free eclairs he promised her are. Meltman then asks Thundergirl if she said she had a crush on him. Hodgepodge pulls out a load bearing log, causing the rest of the logs to fall on Meltman and Thundergirl.

The Flesh is at the Gym, wearing boxing gloves, and preparing to start punching a heavy bag. The heavy bag is above him, which Hodgepodge uses his saw blades to cut down. The heavy bag falls on The Flesh, breaking him to pieces.

Stinky Diver is in a toilet, thinking it's the Gym's whirlpool. Hodgepodge then pulls the handle, causing the toilet to flush and fill with chlorine-laced water. Stinky tries to climb out, but is smashed by the toilet's lid.

Moments later, The Action League are stuck to some flypaper outside the garage. Hodgepodge then reveals that he was using his voice box to disguise his voice the whole time. He then prepares to crush the Action League with the garage door. He presses the button on his remote, and the garage door starts lowering, with the League screaming in fear the entire time. The Narrator asks the viewers if the Action League will be crushed by the garage door, then tells them to stay tuned for part 2.

In the second act, the Action League beg Hodgepodge to stop by telling them they'll be his best friend, but Hodgepodge isn't fooled; they're only pretending to like him because he's trying to crush them! Suddenly, the garage door starts opening. Hodgepodge wonders why it did that, and the answer is revealed to him; The Chief has come back in his car and used his own remote to open the garage door. Hodgepodge tells The Chief to leave, as he's ruining his evil plan! The Chief then runs over Hodgepodge with his car. Thankfully, the Action League is still safe, as they were placed in between the path of the car's tires. The Flesh is happy that they're saved, and Meltman boasts about how big-mouthed jerks always get their comeuppance in the end. Suddenly, The Chief closes the garage door, which crushes the Action League anyway as the episode ends.


  • Gunther: "Hello, my name is Gunther. What's yours?"
  • Stinky Diver: "You think the X-Men have to swab the decks? In a pig's eye!"
  • Hodgepodge: "Sticks and Stones may break my bones, and this garage door is gonna break yours!"


  • When cleaning up, Stinky Diver mentions the Marvel comics superheroes, the X-Men.
  • Hodge Podge impersonates celebrity Kenny Rogers to trick The Flesh.

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