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Where Pigeons Dare is the tenth episode of Action League Now!. It first premiered on the Kablam! episode, Untitled/Why June Refuses to Turn the Page on November 25, 1996.

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The episode begins with The Action League attending the funeral for Helena XXII, the Pigeon Queen, who was sadly struck down by a Buick LaSabre. The Chief concludes the funeral by saying that the Queen died with no heirs to the throne; only four eggs in a nest. He has an important assignment for the Action League; they must protect the eggs at any and all costs.

Later that day at Action Headquarters, The Flesh and Meltman play catch with the eggs against Thundergirl's wishes and accidentally break one of them. Thundergirl is worried what they're going to tell the Chief when he gets back. Unfortunately, there isn't anything Bill the Lab Guy can do to save the egg. The Chief returns and is not pleased with the way the Action League is protecting the eggs. From now on, he wants 24-hour surveillence of the nest at all times. The Flesh volunteers him and Meltman to take the first shift.

Meltman and The Flesh watch over the eggs from an air conditioner outside. The Flesh finds himself cold (mainly because he's naked). Meltman would glady let him borrow his sweater, but it's fused to his skin. The Flesh worries if the three remaining eggs will be okay. Meltman suggests bringing them inside, where it's warmer. The Flesh doesn't think this is a good idea, as he's worried they might accidentally break them again. Meltman tells The Flesh to relax, as they're superheroes.

The Flesh holds the window open while Meltman tries to carry one of the eggs inside. The Flesh tells Meltman to tell him when he can let go. Meltman tells him, "Yes", and The Flesh, mistaking it for the signal, lets go of the window, squashing Meltman and causing the egg to fly into the air. Below, Thundergirl and Stinky are making a joke about Meltman, when the egg lands on Thundergirl. Meltman tells Thundergirl and Stinky that they're early.

The Action League go to the refrigerator to get a Grade-A Jumbo egg to replace the one that they broke. Thundergirl isn't fooled, and she knows The Chief won't be, either. Meltman tells her to relax, and that when the other two eggs hatch, everyone will be so happy, no one will notice the difference. When they return to the nest, they find one of the other eggs missing. Two kids have stolen it and are planning to throw it at an approaching car. The Action League rush to the egg by riding on a skateboard, telling the two kids to put the egg down. Unfortunately, they are too late to save the egg, as the kids have already thrown it at the car, and it lands on the road. The two kids run away when they see the Action League, as they know they're in a lot of trouble. Meltman tries reviving the egg with a defibrilator, but with no success, as the egg is now fried on the road by the sun. Thundergirl tells Meltman that he tried everything he could, but it's over for the egg. She then tells him they must get back to the nest, as there's still one egg left; there's still hope. Before Meltman can get back to the nest, he is run over by an ice cream truck.

The Action League return to the nest with another Grade-A Jumbo egg to replace the broken one, and they watch over the last egg all night to make sure nothing bad happens to it. They fall asleep the next morning, but then The Chief returns, telling them that the eggs hatched last night, into one prince and three princesses. Meltman tells The Chief that their eggs haven't hatched yet. The Chief tells them that the eggs have hatched, as he just came from their nest. Thundergirl is confused; if The Chief just came from the Pigeon's nest, then who does the nest they have been egg-sitting belong to? Suddenly, the last egg hatches into a snake, which eats Meltman. The Flesh asks Meltman if he's okay, and Meltman tells him, "Relax, I look great in snakeskin!". The snake burps and everyone laughs as the episode ends.


  • Stinky Diver: "I don't know, Thundergirl. What is the difference between Meltman and a sack of manure?"
Thundergirl: "The sack!" (Laughs, the egg that The Flesh and Meltman were watching lands on her. Stinky then laughs.)


  • The episode title is a reference to the song "Where Eagles Dare" by the Misfits.

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  • When this episode aired on the Kablam! episode, Why June Refuses to Turn the Page, the second part did not air immediately after the first commercial break like most Action League Now! episodes. Instead, it aired after the Life With Loopy episode, Mom's Mystery Casserole.
  • This episode (as well as the Kablam! episode it aired on, Why June Refuses to Turn the Page), was banned from future airings on Nickelodeon because the episode featured an 'Angela Anaconda' segment, which Nickelodeon did not own the rights to after it aired. The ban has been lifted outside the U.S.

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